0 thoughts on “WoWS – Submarines Gameplay

  1. as per usual, the thing they said they would never do, they are doing. Been a player since beta and i said way back then, that installing subs would destabilize the game play as there is no mechanic in it for depth charges/hedgehogs ect. there is no balance to how surface fleets can \’see\’ subs. unless WG is ok with the sonar duration of surface fleets spotting underwater. How do BB defend themselves, back in Beta you have players who understood tactics and DDs or CL\’s stuck with carriers and BB\’s now it\’s a fuck fest of stupid COD ffa players. Unless WG once again overhauls the ships systems and modules, change how BBs are designed from the ground up and add in new capt. skills.. the subs will be untouchable and the game will be spammed with them

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