WoT Supertest – more Minsk changes


On a closed test, testing of the Minsk card and another version of it continues, in addition to those shown in the previous publication.

1) Added river crossings near the central bridge on
both sides in order to provide maneuvering possibilities in case of need to change position.


2) On the “green” large lush trees and some bushes have been removed

3) Positions for tank destroyers have become more convenient and understandable.

4) Removed long straight lumbago along the avenue on the green. Greenery redesigned to provide great opportunities. Now, some slopes and hills allow you to play with tanks that have strong turrets. Also, due to changes in the landscape, it is possible to move along almost the entire avenue from each side.

5) A new position (unfinished building) as a counterweight to the circus building.

6) To improve driving and provide additional maneuvers in the quarter, more fast rotation opportunities for the top team were added.

7) Opened quarters outside Victory Square for the possibility of reapprochement of tanks in the city.

8) The location of the bases has been changed and the terrain has been changed.

9) The ford at the upper base was expanded and some elements of the embankment were removed. Now driving is easier and more straightforward

10) The layout of the courtyards in the western part of the map were completely changed, the courtyards are made more spacious and suitable for maneuvers. Due to the historical layout of the quarters, the overall structure of the two openings is preserved, however, through the opening along the red line, it will become possible to shoot at an average distance. Medium tanks will become freer in these yards, there will be fewer cases of sudden collision with enemy groups, and it will be easier to retreat from them.

11) The columns of white fences that interfere with shooting and moving were removed on the green.

The further fate of the edits of all the Minsk map options depends on the test results.