WGFest – featuring The Offspring, Premium Gifts and more



“ANIMALS” is one of the main Russian rock bands, the voice of a generation whose songs have become a hymn of love. September 15th, you will see the new show of the team and hear your favorite hits. An event not to be missed!

The group “Vopli Vidoplyasova” is the founder of the Ukrainian rock and roll and neo-style “ethno-rock”. It was thanks to her that rock first sounded in Ukrainian! And also “Vopli Vidoplyasova” released 20 albums, conducted more than 5 thousand concerts, recorded more than 300 songs and toured around 100 countries on tour. The group has more than 3 million listeners – and this is not the limit!

Krambambuly is a Belarusian group, winner of the Grand Prix and laureate of the prestigious Rock Coronation contest. Performs music in a mixed style under the influence of rock and pop folk. The most famous hits are “Gosi” (feat. Sergei Mikhalok), “Try Charapakhi”, “Susedzi” (feat. Andrey “Kuzma” Kuzmenko), “Pavetrana Shar”, “Simple Words”.

Premium Hangar

Admission to the event is free, but with the purchase of the package “WG Fest: Tanker’s Day. VIP-set ”you will receive as a gift an invitation to the Premium Hangar zone of increased comfort.

In the comfort zone, in addition to the main entertainments of the festival, you will find:

A special scene where developers will answer players’ questions.
Additional gaming area for 100 computers.
A game zone where our mobile and console projects will be presented.
The opportunity to win cool prizes.
Optional WG Shop.
The ability to chat with tank bloggers.
Own food court.
Separate sitting area.

Gifts in Premium Hangar

When registering an invitation at the information desk near the Premium Hangar, you will receive souvenirs and codes with in-game property from Wargaming, as well as souvenirs from our partners:

Brest Hosiery Plant,

We hope that these souvenirs will help you keep a good memory of the festival.

The bonus code contains the gaming property of Wargaming projects:

World of Tanks:

Object 244
slot in the hangar

World of Warplanes:

Tu-1 with an exclusive set of camouflage
100% crew with one free skill point
slot in the hangar

World of Tanks Blitz:

2017 WG Fest camouflage on all tanks
“Tectonic” camouflage on all tanks
5 days premium account

Gods & Glory:

3000 crystals
1 additional worker for 2 days
8 Haste for 30 minutes
6 Haste for 1 hour
2 Haste for 3 hours
1 Acceleration by 8 hours
3 “consumables” “Issue new decrees”
3 Coins of Fortune
2 days premium account
5 Attack Potions: + 30% for 1 hour
5 Protection Potions: + 30% for 1 hour
6 Intelligence