WoT NA – Reporting Physics Abuse

Team damage may have left with Update 1.6, but we still keep a watchful eye on physics abuse! It’s easy to spot and just as easy to report. Have a problematic player who is pushing or blocking you? Check out the following video for action you can take.

To report a problem, go to the following link and find “Physics Abuse:”


Sanctions still coincide with our Strike Policy, which can be found here:


0 thoughts on “WoT NA – Reporting Physics Abuse

    1. Well EU do care. Sent complaint and replay yesterday and some sort of punishment was administered.

      If you feel the need to abuse other players just don\’t.

  1. It\’s a shame EU doesn\’t care about this and many other improvements which were deployed in other regions.

  2. Actually, WoT EU team does care for physics abuse. I have reported different players 7 times in the course of two months and each of them got a 3 day ban. One of them actually couldn\’t finish the TS5 marathon because of that. He messaged me after the ban to \’thank\’ me.

    1. Last time I sent in a replay with description of physics abuse I just got an automated response that I have to use the ingame report system + the ticket was locked automatically.

      1. None of the messages I received were automated. On the contrary, every single one of them was nicely worded and quite helpful. The only strange thing is one of those messages was written in Spanish.

  3. Next thing you know, they ask of an essay of 1000 words, so you get unbanned.
    And then… tanks start to glitch into the dev room…

  4. meh, game is in the bargain bin of playable games now.. just another step towards it\’s death. Maybe stop promoting players so quickly., sub 1000 games and they are at tier 9 or 10 with a win 8 of 156.. thats going to piss off quite a few people on his team.

    1. That is only part of the problem, the other problem is the players with 20k+ battles with WN8 of 156 at tier 9 & 10. I don\’t know which is worse.

  5. I\’m worried that most of the players will take it as a \”how to\” instructional video.

  6. Maybe it’s about time to also start banning spg players who drown, last days I must’ve had 3-4 clickers commit suicide by drowning. And these are pros, plays only SPG’s etc. It’s mildly irritating that spg players can ruin the game for everyone else and when a loss is inevitable, they drown and safely get away. Like the cowards they are.

    1. I haven\’t seen any SPGs do it, I have seen my share of lights do it though right from the start of battle.

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