WoT – Jan Žižka’s Legacy: the Škoda T 27



If you want to walk in the steps of the great Czech general Jan Žižka, now is your chance to do so with this new vehicle. Pitched as a potential light tank after the war, the Škoda T 27 made it to World of Tanks in the form of a Tier VIII medium tank, equipped with a dangerous autoloading gun. That makes the Škoda T 27 a machine as resourceful and surprising as Žižka himself.

Use your mobility to your advantage, find the best opportunity and unload the three rounds of your 88 mm gun in no time! But careful: your armour is pretty thin, so you will have to rely on ruse and audacity to thrive on the battlefield.

Škoda T 27 Offers

Supreme – 99.99 €

Ultimate – 59.99 €

Standard – 35.78 €

  • VIII Škoda T 27
  • 100% Trained Crew
  • Garage Slot

0 thoughts on “WoT – Jan Žižka’s Legacy: the Škoda T 27

  1. I\’d still take a Progetto over this any day of the week.
    Better pen, better dpm, better accuracy, better top speed and similar mobility…

    If they made the pen 212mm and the reload 20s I\’d have considered it, but in its current state it\’s just average.

      1. The T-27 tank is fake, they pretty much took the T-17 and made it a little bigger, then called it the T-27.

  2. it should have had 260-280 alpha damage. this thing is a joke compared to the progetto.

    1. Now compare this to the tech tree alternative TVP… Compared to that it is already miles better, so they don\’t have to make it really stand out. Progetto is basically Tier 8.5 like most semi OP T8 premiums.

      Although when every tank played in the MM becomes OP… then none of them will be.

  3. Maraton for american TS 5 su 130pm etc but for skoda ? no!… iam from czech republic and i really want to stop playign from now

  4. The issue here isn\’t the T27 – it\’s the fact WG released the progetto. If the progetto wasn\’t around this thing would be among the best 8 meds. Sadly WG are afraid to actually balance prems they\’ve already released so they are basically stuck with future releases.

  5. So if I get this right, you can only complete the missions in a tank you have to buy with cash. No thanks.

      1. But the rewards for each stage are better if you complete them with the T-27.

        I don\’t think you get the female crew for the last 4 stages if you\’re not using T-27.

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