WoT Patch 1.6 – Preload

Information from RU portal


Download version 1.6 in advance today! The update itself will be released shortly after the preload version.

The preliminary distribution of the update will reduce the load on gaming services on the day of its official release. And you, having downloaded the new version in advance, will be able to try it right away, as soon as it is released.
Downloading will consist of one step.

Preloading may be available periodically. If you don’t download anything, you should wait and try again after a while.

6 thoughts on “WoT Patch 1.6 – Preload

  1. Patch 1.6 the Biggest disappointment in WOT history will be the new British Light Tank Tech Tree
    completely weak with very low dpm, low on ammo, all on purpose for \’Historical accuracy\’

    Will be Wargame biggest flop and failure the new British LT tech tree
    nobody will care or grind it even the Manticore T10 is hopeless compared to other T8 ~ T10 in game mostly fiction Light tanks

    of course the upcoming T8 British Premium Light Tank is very good compared to the tech tree British LT
    ………… spend ££ then pay to win, Only!

  2. Typical Wargaming release schedule doctrine!…bluntly pushing through what ever the cost to reach the set deadline. Like it is a universal constant that cannot be changed.

    Even if it results in releasing rushed content, like the current British LT tech tree.

  3. Lmao so that\’s it, the British LTs are officially balanced and ready to be released even though the tier X one is worse than a tier VII light tank of most nations

    And since WG only buffs tanks that are extremely played because otherwise they \”don\’t have enough data to prove that they suck\” (that has always been the excuse for never buffing the AMX40), they\’re going to stay this way forever.

        1. Dude, don\’t come with stats sites. And if you do, tell me which stats you think make it worse than tier 7 LT\’s.
          I played it and there is not a single tier 7 tank that is better than it. Your claim is rediculous. Where do you have that nonsense from? QB?

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