4 thoughts on “Happy Birthday, Wargaming!

  1. thanks for the tanks – don\’t mess this up!
    PS: Bring back Port! <3

  2. Heh yes.
    WoT and WoWS ..
    No other game blongs to this lineup. At least, nothing qualifying as game xD

    …. Not like they drove a bus into the wall, trying to act as if the never happened, right?

    1. Wouldn\’t list WoWp as a WG-flagship game. Also, the WG failship list shouldn\’t forget about MOO, Hybrid wars, that pagan thing, that ancient armies franchise they failed to reap enough financially…

      I miss WoT Generals though. that would have needed some gameplay ties to the regular WoT to survive more than a week.

  3. Since the first days of WOT, I had a mixed feelings about the company. Wargaming has a child, a creation, that captured my imagination and brought an unknown yet amount of dedication, time and money invested.

    But with the game, came a strange attitude on the side of game developers. Funny but borderline disrespectful replies to consumer complaints made me keep my distance from WOT in that time. Strange and borderline suicidal economical decisions plague this company to this day. At least with every fail project they understand the importance of WOT.

    Many battles over, great development leaps and changes, very different approach to gamers, the company changed with the time, got better in some ways, stayed the same in others. Still, with all the shortcomings, I am glad Wargaming survived so far. So, in hope for more improvements is all ways, happy birthday!

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