WoT – Secret leak hunt continues! (Custom premium tanks?)

Well, this one is certainly cryptic.

Our good russian friend Sanya from WG has released something really interesting yesterday night.

Sanya @SanyaTranslate
Let us return to one of the old elements and recall the freedom of choice.


Tickets are connected in some way to an upcoming event in August, however, the cat and dogtags remain ambiguous. The cat might refer to the M18 Hellcat tank destroyer, and through some event it would be possible to “enhance” the tank with a premium status (concept stolen from Armored Warfare’s “Infuse” mechanic, where for a certain price a tank can be made “premium” and makes extra credits). What the connection between the three items in the picture is unknown for now.

23 thoughts on “WoT – Secret leak hunt continues! (Custom premium tanks?)

  1. Pay to play, but if you can make WG happy (aka spend gold) you can get straight to rewards ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

      1. How the fuck T78 is a Hellcat

        It is a fantasy tank built from:

        Prototype CHAFFEE chasis

        M36 turret and gun

        Total bs a light tank with a heavy TD gun

        Superhellcat is BS for the same reason, we need the Hellcat down tier to tier V with its real turret.

        Have tier VI Superhellcat as a premium and delete T67 shit

        1. The t67 t78 and SuperHellcat are real projects do your research before you spam complete and utter nonsense

  2. Could come.

    At least in a rental way.
    Extra money means extra reason for them to consider it.

    Better good stolen, than badly self-made

  3. If they make it like Talismans in WT ill buy my udes 03 in a flash and make that bish a premium

  4. Tbh I\’d rather give WG 40€ and turn the tier 8 I want into a premium rather than pay 40€ for yet another tank in my garage that I may not play that much.

    But I doubt this will ever happen. WG is too scared to nerf premium tanks because people pay for them. If you allow people to turn any tech tree tank into premium, you effectively lock them out of the ability to rebalance anything.

    If this happens it means we\’ll get it for free and not through paying. That or WG finally grows the balls to nerf premium tanks.

      1. lol cute but no, WG has in their EULA and ToS the language that basically says that by agreeing to this you agree that WG can do whatever the hell they want whenever the hell they want with anything related to their game

        fairly standard stuff

        if there was any risk of lawsuits you would have already seen it given that fairly much every game receives patches and re balancing

        1. lol cute but no, the EU can reject any EULA and ToS they want like they did it before

          1. uh huh in that case why aren\’t game companies getting sued all day every day?
            after all they all patch their games which according to that logic makes them open to lawsuits/refunds,
            hell activision should have gotten sued out the ass for putting micro transactions into BLOPS 4 months after release by that logic…but they didn\’t

        2. dude, it is so easy to refund all money spent on WoT. (depending on card type) they wont dare mess with anything people pay for.

  5. Stolen from AW? Bitch please AW wasn\’t the one who invented this mechanic and considering how much AW copied from WoT even if WG borrowed something from them it would be too far to say it\’s stolen.

  6. Then why buy the KV-2R or the Crom B if you can convert the normal one? And who wants a premium Hellcat? Everyone would just take the T67 anyway.

    That said… Could be related do the Hellcat 88… again.

  7. thats one of the best ideas ever…and will almost kill the fucking p2w game-breaking idiotic element (that one with retard p2w tanks being BETTER statistically than standard ones)

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