World of Tanks August – WoT Birthday, Tank fair, Škoda T 27, 1.6 and more.

WoT Birthday

August 2nd marks the annual (who knew?) WoT birthday, with free credits premium tank. This time it might be the AM 39 Gendron-Somua, tier II wheeled car, but nothing is certain.


WoT 1.6 release

Containing new tanks, more maps, rebalances for missions and a farewell for the team battles mode and team damage, this patch is coming out on August 6th.


Return of tank races

Coming out very soon, likely on August 7th. Will feature your favourite speed criminal, the M24 Chaffee.


Tank Fair

This event is also coming very soon. All that is known that the event will be somewhat similar to the Black Market, prepare your wallets. More information is bound to come out soon. (Take this info with a pinch of salt)

However, more information has come out from our friendly russian leaker Sanya on twitter. It is possible that Škoda T 27 will be sold during this event or will have its own marathon (which is unlikely since WG has said in their recent QnA, that all marathons are on cease until September).


Gamescom 2019

Set for August 21 – 24th, bonuses for the community and announcements for all WG titles (Caliber and Pagan Online). Don’t expect much as main crème de la crème is scheduled for WGFest in September.