WoT NA – August Sneak Preview: Someone’s 21!


Wargaming turns 21 in August, and we’re set to celebrate throughout the region with special missions, XP rewards, events, offers, and much more!

Looking for a vehicle? Trade tracks for wheels — the French Panhard EBR 75 (FL 10) goes on sale! Other notable offers include the fearsome KV-2 (R) Valhallan Ragnarok and collectible Soviet T-34 Shielded!

Speaking of anniversaries, we have a special XP weekend to celebrate a milestone in American cinema! Plus, Tank Rewards returns; Frontline: Episode 7 has more 30 vs. 30 epic battles; special weekend missions let you net bonuses and valuable items; and two Tier X  vehicles are “On Track” — and that’s just for starters! By no means a complete schedule, several surprises await so make sure and check back for updates. You can also refer to our Events Calendar for an up-to-date listing of current events!



August Special Vehicle Offers

Noteworthy vehicles available in the Premium Shop!

Great deals are headed to the Premium Shop for August — including new vehicles! Check back for these and other offers throughout the month:

  • Aug. 1-12: Panhard EBR 75 (FL 10) — No treads? No problem! The French Tier VIII light “tank” is the ultimate speedy sniper, and this is your chance to get it!
  • Aug. 2-5: T-34 Shielded — The prize of the 2018’s Battle of Kursk Event is available in a special Collector’s Bundle that includes the Soviet Tier V medium tank and a unique style, “Hero of the Battle of Kursk!”
  • Aug. 13-26: KV-2 (R) — It’s Tier VI, but this Soviet heavy’s 152 mm cannon can destroy most Tier VIII vehicles without breaking a sweat! Comes with the Warhammer 40,000 “Valhallan Ragnarok” unique style!
  • Aug. 19-26: Frontline Bundles — Special discount offers on four (4) Tier VIII vehicles: T-25 Pilot Number 1, Somua SM, Primo Victoria, and T-103 (each sold separately).
  • Aug. 21-Sept. 3: Type 62 — This Chinese Tier VII light tank is ideal for scouting; use its low profile and camouflage to get close to enemies and pinpoint their locations!


August Month-long Events

Long-term missions, offers, and more!

Aug. 1-Sept. 1: “Steal of a Deal” — Buy 30 Days WoT Premium Account, and get Germany’s unique Großtraktor – Krupp Tier III medium tank, a Garage Slot, and 100% Crew free!

Aug. 1-Sept. 1: Play Your Tank Class Right — A series of challenges that help you master tank destroyers, light, medium, and heavy tanks. Success rewards consumables, XP, and equipment!

Aug. 1-Sept. 1: Tournament Missions — We’ve got rewards — Boosters, emblems, and Garage Slots — for completing specific objectives during August Tournament matches!


August Weekend Events

Earn extra XP and other bonuses!

  • Aug. 2-5: Wargaming’s 21st Birthday — ×5 XP, XP Fever missions, Free XP discount conversion, and special Free XP to Crew XP conversion rate!
  • Aug. 9-12: ×2 Crew XP and Tier Challenge Missions
  • Aug. 16-19: On August 15, 1979, one of the greatest war movies ever made was released; 40 years later it’s still a masterpiece. To celebrate this cinema hallmark, we have a +50% XP Weekend and missions where you can earn a special style!
  • Aug. 23-26: ×2 Crew XP and Tier Challenge Missions
  • Aug. 30-Sept. 3: Extended Labor Day ×2 XP Weekend


Aug. 2-Sept. 6: Tank Mastery Missions

Are you an “Ace Tanker?”

Get an “Ace Tanker” Mastery Badge on featured vehicles to unlock six special emblems!


Aug. 7-Sept. 16: On Track Missions

A French Tank Destroyer and British Heavy Tank!

We show you the way to work up the Tech. Trees of two nations to earn these Tier X vehicles:

  • Aug. 7-27: On Track to the AMX Foch B
  • Aug. 28-Sept. 16: On Track to the Super Conqueror


Aug. 8-Sept. 1: Tank Rewards

The official World of Tanks rewards program!

Special WoT missions where you can earn blueprints, Premium vehicles, Garage Slots, and more!




Aug. 19-26: Frontline 2019 — Episode 7

Get ready for the seventh installment!

Got a Tier VIII vehicle? Then join in 30 vs. 30 combat on a 9 km² map as attackers or defenders. Use Combat Reserves, Resupply Points, and respawns while collecting Prestige Points that can earn Reward Vehicles, including the U.S. AE Phase I Tier IX heavy tank! If you don’t have a Tier VIII vehicle, keep an eye open for our Premium discount offers!