WG’s Pagan Online launches August 27th

Hack-and-slash action RPG from Mad Head Games and Wargaming will be released in the world release on August 27, along with a big update 1.0. Now it is in early access.

The game is waiting for a full story campaign, 2 new heroes, a school of magic, a new tree of abilities, click-to-move and full controller support.

“The release version will continue to grow and evolve after exiting early access,” the developers say.

The price will not change and will still be 650 Russian rubles for the region: Russia.

“We started our closed tests, ten months ago. And since then, players have constantly helped us improve the game,
– says Uros Banjesevich, creative director of Mad Head Games.

“Thanks to the ideas received from the players, in the four months of finding the game in the early access, we were able to create completely new mechanics and make changes that seemed unthinkable. The release version of Pagan Online will be a different game. ”

“This is a premium game, but at the same time a game service: therefore, players expect regular updates of features and content additions,
Says Jacob Beucler, product director at Wargaming.

– We are not going to stop and are happy to leave early access. Now we can’t wait to talk about how Pagan Online will grow and develop after launch. ”

The release version of Pagan Online can also be evaluated at Gamescom, which will be held in Cologne (Germany) from August 20th to 24th. Wargaming booth visitors (booth A031 in Hall 8.1), who will play at the exhibition in Pagan Online, will be given an exclusive game pet, the dragon Ravager.

And Wargaming and Mad Head Games opened the club Might & Glory Club, whose members will be able to get access to the release version of Pagan Online a week before its release, as well as become owners of codes for exclusive gifts. First of all, the club is designed for various content makers: streamers, bloggers, writers, artists and moderators of gaming communities. You can apply for membership here


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  1. Played this in the beta dev stage a few months back.. You are better off finding Torchlight and Torchlight II, same graphics and overall design, but Torchlight a greater freedom of movement ( Pagan has one very narrow corridor of play. ) THE pay wall is massive as you open up whole areas of play, ( merchant et al.) that are behind that wall within the first 5 levels. Building weapons will require items that will be behind that wall and the most annoying thing is they went to beta on steam, after absorbing all the input from the testers and implementing some of it and said, thanks, bye, you want to keep playing it , ( in early beta), buy it on steam. Sadly in the feedback poll after each beta round, they always ask you about Torchlight .. it\’s obvious they have a tiny dick syndrome involving Torchlight.

    As a beta player a lot of games over the decades, this is a pass, it will soak you for money faster then the Xmas missions on WoT

    1. Colour me surprised. Even if they have a good game at their hands, they fuck it up by their monetization.

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