WoT EU – Eagle 7: The Hero of Cologne is Back


You’re looking for a Pershing? Here’s one! But not just any Pershing, it’s the Eagle 7 – famous for having defeated a Panther in the ruins of Cologne by the end of World War II. In World of Tanks, this vehicle is a good credit maker and a specialist of hull-down tactics. With a strong mantlet, good gun depression and a nice alpha damage, this T26E3 is a real danger at the top of a hill.

T26E3 Eagle 7 Offers

Best Buy – 39.99 €

Collector’s Gem – 25.74

  • VII T26E3 Eagle 7
  • 100% Trained Crew
  • Garage Slot

0 thoughts on “WoT EU – Eagle 7: The Hero of Cologne is Back

  1. Its very, very slow ~ accelerates slowly but gets there eventually on flat hard terrain (still \’always\’ last Medium to get there, always very late to mop up at end of games)
    But, anything with a Slope a Hill or heaven forbid a steep slope/ Mountain its faster easier to go around than try to climb it

    rather nice Bouncy frontally Turret at top tier if you can get hull down that is (most Maps are garbage now for hull down positions with nice -10 gun depression ((thanks WG

    Gun is fine up to Tier 8 max awesome at top tier
    ~ Tier 9 eats Eagle 7\’s for breakfast in one bite run away or hide at tier 9, you will die fast and be very sad.

    needs a big buff to the Engine power and BADLY!
    btw WG , Historical accurate WW2 Vehicles in cartoon WOT are always SHIT

    ))unless there Russian! wonder why is that?

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