Wargaming completely retires standalone WoT launcher

Ye olde WoT launcher, which we have all gotten to love and hate, has been completely retired in order to transition to a unified Wargaming.net launcher. Currently the game and all of its branches (Common test, sandbox) will only be playable through the unified platform

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    1. amen to that the game center is a disaster. now after the forced update it not only makes mod packs useless ( at least webiums), it is also causing me to have HUGE in game lag spikes in which my tank does what it wants to usually ending in my death and a huge loss of credits ( which in the days following the forced Game center changes is down to 500k ish credits down from 1.5m the day before. nothing WG does is good for anyone except for wargamings bank account. wot is misleadingly advertised as free to play when the more appropriate advertisement should be pay to win

  1. WG never made another game as successful as WoT, I guess WGC is forced upon the WoT game by branches from WG departments developing games other than WoT, so that they can suck some blood from this only not stillborn brainchild.
    Therefore I believe the WoT department struggled hard to avoid this (to keep the profit-triggering advertising niches all to themselves.) I wonder if they\’ll leave it along for other servers for now.
    Then again, one can still avoid WGC by switching to the Chinamen server, where waffles are sold for like $200, tundra runs wild, and players are either bot or of typical Chinamen brain level.
    It is almost like a metaphor. Libtards vs commies. This is a terrible darkness descending upon us, and we shall not see it ended in our lifetimes…

  2. Finally all the launcher plebs won\’t be able to hold back the true power of WGC and WoT

    1. You just have to download WGC and after you install it you can add the WoT folder into it and it works just like before

  3. I wont miss the old launcher, the new one is much better, when you play Wot and WoWs.

    The only thing that bothers me that they almost retired the old premium account (now called wargaming premium account). I like to switch the games, when i feel like it, but i also want to use discounts, when they are available for the other types of premium time.

    We will see if i have all the ships in WoWs, if i will choose only to play with WoT premium or retire completely. Wont pay for 2 services at the same time.

    1. Re premium: for the time being at least, you can log into Warplanes and use your gold from WoT to buy WG Premium for all 3 games. Also, from both the WoWS and WoWP premium stores.

  4. Another feature requested by nobody that WG implements… removal of all chat, maps on hd, changing the terrain of hd maps. Next disabling friendly fire…..

    1. What the hell are you talking about? The removal of all chat, maps on hd, and changing the terrain of hd maps are good features.

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