World of Tanks – Clan compensation for July 11th server outages

Taken from russian forums

Information on compensation for yesterday’s problems in the game for clan players.

• Information on compensation for clans.
We will collect battles in which the clans could take part on the fronts, and we will compensate the clans for the number of clan points of fame by the average number of points of fame earned on July 11 at the front.
As an example, the clans did not fight in the first round of the action in the advances. In total, in the advances there could be 5 rounds. The clan will receive the average number of points of fame, which was earned in the advances for 5 fights.
All winning bids in auctions on the advanced and elite fronts, where there were missing battles, will be returned to the clans that have made bids.

Points of fame clans will be accrued soon

• Information on compensation to players.
In view of the fact that it is physically impossible to collect players who could participate in battles during technical problems and compensate for their potential glory points (and charging all players of affected clans would be unfair to the other participants of the event), we will increase the prize pool in the tanks to 23.000 (was: 21.500) tanks for positions in the Wall of Fame, and up to 3.500 tanks (was: 3.000) in the auction.

Information about the number of prize tanks in the rules of the event and the clan screen will change soon.

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