WoT – Reddit Mega QnA with WG developers

Reddit Ask Me Anything  with Creative Director Andrey Bitletsky and Publishing Director Max Chuvalov.



Why were the changes for 30B scrapped and can we ever expect a buff for it? The long-awaited buff for the statistically worst T10 medium has disappeared without a trace and WG is strangely silent about it. Obviously, the 430 line changes needed to be postponed, and I can’t complain that you take your time with them, but 30B was uncalled for at best.


We decided to go with a different plan for 30B after reviewing initial tests outcomes. It is a bit early to give you guys any details on it though, sorry




Additional artillery nerfs when? The mechanic is still broken and overpowered, especially at lower tiers.

How is a new player supposed to deal with an LEFH or M44 stat padder at tier 4/5/6 etc?

I’m pretty sure M44 has the highest win rate of any tier 6 tech tree tank, AND highest DPG… and it does it from across the map, and did I mention it stuns???



Yes, we want to rebalance low levels. As the rest of the levels =) At the moment a series of Sandbox tests are running, where we are checking a different take on balance in the game. If that happens to be a good idea and community likes that, we will definitely make huge changes on low-mid-high levels. That will touch many aspects of the game if it proofs to be the right way.




Any plans for RHM Panzerwagen?


Nothing in particular at the moment. All plans are on hold until we will figure out the fate of the grand rebalance AKA shells rebalance that we are toying with right now



Any news on getting rid of the “soap rock” physics?

Will there be more wheeled light tank lines in the future?

Is the “bond shop” still in the works or did it get cancelled after all?


Please feel free to check out the QnA post linked here and above.

The bond shop has had some technical issues and being worked on.

“Definitely yes. There is a problem with matching Havoc body with our terrain. We are working with Havoc team to solve it.”


What is the ETA and approach of the E-100 (line??) rework?

What is being done to compensate Ranked battles and their rewards on the North American server?

Are there plans to bring the reward Chieftain in line with tech tree Tier Xs? Or make the Chieftain available in-game? Currently it is far superior to even the strongest Tier X tanks as seen in Ranked EU/RU and CW where if someone has it, they’re using it and eventually facing nothing besides that.


As for the E-100 line and Chieftain questions, both are on hold until we have tested the new approach to balance on multiple iterations of Sandboxes. If it proofs to be the right way and community appreciates that, we would do significant changes to all the tiers and lines that need it. If we see that it is not the way to go, we will be back to incremental changes.

As for the RB in NA (and Asia as well), we are thinking about the compensations and preparing the following season to be on those regions as well.




Could we have a setting to toggle personal reserves between time-based and number of battles? For example when activating a 1 hour reserve, we could get the option to start it for 1 hour or for 8 battles.


Very seriously considering this one. PRs are an ancient piece of code though, the team has to clean up the schedule before cleaning up that code. Pending.




When is the next tank marathon going to be?


The game is taking rest after so many marathons it run 😉 Also, we wish to offer you something entirely different for the back to school period. Marathons are supposed to return right after.




Will we see the option of buying ” tokens ” for non premium tanks to turn them into “reward tanks”. Like in the sense that they do not make more money, but you can put in whatever crew in there without any penalties?


We think about this, but no details just yet…

Question 2:

I think they’ve always been somewhat vague about answering this one. Kind of strange to be honest because they could easily make a shit ton of money from it without having to spend anymore on new tank models by monetizing the tech tree even further.

Answer 2:

We will keep being vague for this time as well 😉




The hydropneumatic suspension on the STB-1 is a feature many people have asked for and I am thankfull that you implemented it. However currently the STB-1 in game can only tilt to the front and back, while the real live counterpart can tilt sideways as well.

Has it not been considered implementing the STB-1 with the ability to tilt sideways? Or did this funktionality just turn out to be too difficult to implement?

Bonus question:

Aufkl.Panther available in the future? Yes, No ,Maybe , I don’t know?

  • It leads to lots of weird behaviors with auto suspension; on the other hand, using a manual ON/OFF switch like in SW TDs was, well, turning a tank in a TD so we cast this idea away.

  • Maybe



Hello, some questions regarding Japanese tech tree:

  • Are you happy with the way the Type 4/5 Heavies (tier 9 and 10 Japanese heavies) got changed in patch 1.5? How are they performing now and in general, are you satisfied with their current performance?

  • You already mentioned the situation of the Japanese TDs (as someone who has wanted them for 6 years now, I am so excited!), but any idea when we might be able to see a Japanese TD branch in the game? And will the branch feature Ho-Ris (Chi-Ri based TDs with 10.5 cm guns) or some kind of fictional super-heavy based TDs?

  • Have you ever considered inclusion of the 10.5 cm medium tank Chi-Se? There’s extremely limited information of it, but a vehicle loosely based on this obscure project could work as a tier VIII heavy premium (something Japan doesn’t have yet).

  • Have you considered other possible Japanese branches or premium vehicles, such as a LT branch?

  1. We are pretty much ok with it so far. We are carefully watching their performance both with derp and AP guns.

  2. No details on the release dates. Please forgive us for that, but we had already plenty of bad experience announcing release dates in the past.

  3. To be honest, both of us here are not 100% sure about that. We’ll check it back with an owner of JP tree. Thanks.

  4. Not yet, one branch at a time! =))



My question is regarding the upcoming British light branch. As we know the current branch was announced from Tier VII to Tier X. I know that modelling a tank is expensive, it takes time and there is a saying that the branches start at Tier V+ since many players just skip the lower tier tanks but the Brits could easily make a full branch of light tanks from Tier 2 to Tier 10.

The branch would be more historical than some of the Italian or Polish tanks and it would also solve the issue that some of the most iconic and somewhat mass produced light tanks are missing from the branch. My branch suggestion would be the following:

  • Tier 2: Vickers M1937

  • Tier 3: Light Tank Mk.VII Tetrarch

  • Tier 4: Light Tank Mk.VIII Harry Hopkins

  • Tier 5: A46 LT

  • Tier 6: FV301

  • Tier7: GSR 3301 Setter

  • Tier 8: LHMTV

  • Tier 9: GSOR3301 AVR FS

  • Tier 10: Manticore

Is there any chance of WG considering the aforementioned problems before releasing the light line? They would fit the theme of the line as well with their small dimensions, good view ranges and outstanding guns.

I’m afraid once the original line from Tier VII is released the chance of the Tetrarch or Harry Hopkins appearing in the game as researchable British tanks would be pretty much zero since there would be minimal incentive to research them if players already have the higher tier lights and considering how iconic they are it would be a shame.

I know the Tetrarch is already in the game as a Soviet gift tank but it’s like if the T-34-85 would be missing from the Soviet tech tree and it would only be a Chinese premium tank in the game. In the end the name of the game is World of Tanks, not World of Some Tanks.


Thanks for your thoughts on this line. Honestly speaking, we will unlikely change it now, it’s too late. However, we have a plan in our sleeves how to give you guys access to some vehicles that didn’t made it into the regular trees, for all nations not only UK. We are supposed to announce it soon, and hope military history / armor fans like you will like our idea as much as we do 🙂

Question 2:

However, we have a plan in our sleeves how to give you guys access to some vehicles that didn’t made it into the regular trees

aka even more premiums

Its becoming a meme at this point with how fast premiums are being released.

Answer 2:

Nope. Not premiums this time




Ranked replacement for the NA server? When, what, rewards? Im bored out of my mind without competitive stuff (after clan wars ends).


We have a plan, it is going through approvals.





With Ranked battles being, not great, because of the new system of multiple 15 rank divisions and the time requied

Can we have more player involvement in larger scale game events?

Because sometimes the event just starts with rules being released just days before, with no time to change anything that might be broken/no-fun for the event


Well, just like it happened with the latest instance of RB, some designs look much better on paper or during simulation than when they are going live. So instead of discussing things that do not exist, we think it might be much more beneficial to talk about something real that we developers and you players have experienced together.

Community feedback on RB this spring was clear, we are making changes now for the next season to make everything slick.

Question 2:

Thats great to hear that changes are comming, is there any info about when is the 2nd part of 2019 season comming?

Another question, How many people WG expected to reach gold league rewards in EU?

Answer 2:

Well, we expected more people there than we’ve got, but not much more.

The right question is, what is a skill req to be there? If we’d design it so anybody who put enough effort could reach GL it’d lead to a whole bunch of other concerns we already faced in previous years. Like, why people with average skill are making it on top? The harsher threshold we are setting the less people can get there, obviously. So the challenge here is to find the right ratio.

We are not happy with the one we used for the last installment and will improve.




It is still planned to have a rework of the crew skill/system? I really hope to have a new one, with more deep customization.


Yes, in progress




Are there plans to undo the additional pen drop off for T10 lights?

I asked this last q&a and your guys weren’t aware of this mechanic…


We checked it in the game code, and we are still not aware 😉



Any hints (or a range) on how much tanks in the bonds shop will probably cost?


Vehicles we considering for the bonds shop at the moment are priced up to 20k. However, this is a subject to change closer to release. Thanks for the question!

Question 2:

Yikes, that does sound like a lot. I’d be more comfortable paying like 12,000 for a Tier VIII tank, maybe 15,000 for a Tier X. Bonds are rather slow to accumulate even for the best of us.

Answer 2:

That’s what “up to” might mean as well 😉



What has been your greatest achievement/ contribution to the development of the game in the last 12 months and why?


A.B.: Saving Christmas in CIS. Day 1 of the Holidays Ops the whole infrastructure went down under the load in roughly 20 minutes after the event’s started. Was working with the team for around 40 hours straight to find and implement the solution that included some out of the box designs combined with technomagic. In 24 hours everything was live again, 16 more hours later we were sure it is all good for now, went home on auto 😉

MC: I’m not a developer myself and do not code. But quite proud of some projects my team worked hard lately. To name few of those: Twitch package which all players can enjoy at the moment and Black Market feature that was live not long ago. Definitely, it was build by our Dev team, however the design originates from Publisher. So a good #oneteam example =)




Why can some of the older maps not be re-introduced into the current version of the game? I appreciate a lot of them need HD upgrading, but it seems like a waste of resources to try and re-invent content you already have. A lot of us longer term players would love to see the older maps brought back, imbalanced or not. The meta has changed a lot in the past 5-6 years, the maps that were pulled for one reason or another would probably play way differently now.


Doing that albeit slower than it could be expected. Hopefully in the next few months you guys will see what our LD/Level Art teams were busy with.

Answer 2:

You can find a lot of answers on old maps and reintroduction in the QnA thread linked above, found here.

Such as:

” Right now, we are looking at what maps should be next, Pearl River is one of the candidates. “

There are many proposals and reworks and a lot of testing taking place on maps.


Question 1:

Will we ever be able set our profiles as private, as you can on WoWS?

Question 2:

Wasn’t this even promised in the 2019 changes?

If that’s the case: When will we be able to?

Answer 1-2:




Could heavily armored assault guns such as the sturmtuger or churchill AVRE find their way into the game as an alternative artillery playstyle?


Please check out the QnA thread linked above here.

” We fully agree with you on that. Every two years or so we are building a new prototype of Assault SPG gameplay just to bury it. If we ever succeed, we’ll let everyone know new gods are coming “



Any chance we can see we changes to the turreted US tank destoryers branch? The branch is a bit of a mess and not all that unique compared to the non-turreted branch. The idea is to make the theme of the branch more consistent and offer some more unique options. Emphasis is put on mobility and penetration.

  • Tier 5 : T50 GMC – A turreted tank destroyer that was an evolution of the T42 GMC, a predecessor to the M18 Hellcat. It carried the 3.7″ gun which would make for a fine top option. Comparable to the current T67, but with a more balanced gun.

  • Tier 6 : T67 GMC – The T67 bumped up a tier. It can get some mobility buffs so it can can better utilize its 76 mm gun at the tier.

  • Tier 7 : M18 Hellcat – The M18 bumped up a tier. It can get some mobility buffs so it can better utilize its 90 mm gun at the tier.

  • Tier 8 : M41A1 105 – A 1952 proposal to fit an M41A1 with the 105 mm T140 in an external turret, and the entire crew in the hull. This could give WG the chance to experiment with crew-less turrets

  • Tier 9 : AGS M551 – In the early 1980s, the Army wanted a light tank with a powerful antitank armament. They developed the Armored Gun System to develop this concept, culminating in the XM8. One of the earliest experiments put a 105 mm M68 into the turret of a Sheridan. Cadillac was also developing their own Stingray tank for export at the time, and submitted their design to the program. They successfully tested a Stingray turret on the body of a Sheridan. This tank would be very mobile and carry a great gun, but might have a long reload speed and aim time to compensate.

  • Tier X : Stingray – Cadillac’s light tank would ultimately not be accepted by the army. But it would see limited success in being sold to Taiwan. This vehicle is the culmination of the entire branch. Fast and mobile, and with a high penetration and accurate gun.

The Stingray, AGS M551, and M41A1 105 are light tanks. However, it should be noted that the M18 Hellcat and T67 were also trialed as light tanks before they became tank destroyers. General Motors also had a hand in developing all of these vehicles, with their Buick subsidiary handling the T67 and M18 Hellcat, and Cadillac with the M41A1, AGS M551, and Stingray. Not only are these vehicles linked thematically, but also historically. In addition, this would correct one of the more historically problematic branches in the game.


AGS/Stingray look to us too modern from armament POV. Still, neither me nor Max are experts in this field of vehicles. We’ll pass it down to professional military historians to check what they’d think. Thanks for heads up!




With the addition of wheeled vehicles to the French light line, would you ever consider adding gunned half-tracked vehicles (most likely as a low-tier)?


Not in plans so far




Will you start selling more skins for popular tanks and decals/camos?


Yes, definitely. Not only selling, but give away as well.



Why is Front-line a defend or attack only style map? Has other style been considered? Will we see other Styles of maps? Could it be possible to have teams start mid map and push and pull the the flanks and each team have a side to defend or attack depending on how game plays out. Being able to fight back and reclaim a lost flank. Example each side have Turrets to defend. Also, wouldn’t it be better to have each line for different play styles suited so everyone can have fun. Example for City Line for heavy, while another be more open, and one being a mix. That way all tanks can be fun in this game mode not just the faster ones.


We tried a lot of the above while the team was working on Frontline. Doesn’t mean that any new variations (symmetrical, different kind of asymmetry) would never appear in the game.



Can we get a feature where crew member nationalities can be changed, for a gold cost, to assign them to tanks in different tech trees?


Nope. Not in a way you described it.




Any news on 3D customization? (not the 3d skins like from lootboxes, but the option of adding sandbags, etc to your tank).


As you’ve probably mentioned, we are working towards 3d skins now. Full 3d customization functionality turned out to be quite a heavy load on performance for the most of our players’ specs.




With the new Ammorebalance on Sandboxserver I have noted that sadly the variety of shells is still rather small. Will there be a test where for example a leopard 1 has APCR, HEATS and AP’s? Where for example heat does the lowest dmg but has the least RNG in penetration and damage, APCRs still being speedy but having more RNG and more dmg while AP’s do the most dmg but also have the most RNG in DMG and Penetration?

It could even be implemented with national traits where like the 121’s AP does more damage then a 430U’s one



This is a conception test iteration 2. This gibberish means, that nothing there except the idea itself is in its final form.

A.B.: To the best of my knowledge we’ll need at least 2 more shots to prove the concept (one for HE in general, one for SPG) before we will actually get to real numbers




Does the WG development team reference non-premium tank usage statistics when considering buff/nerf/balancing? For instance, the massive spike in players using the Obj 468 v4 was indicative of the obvious overpowered nature of that tank at the time. So when WG sees tanks that are rarely fielded, does this draw attention to those tanks for balance reconsideration OR is WG okay with some tanks being relegated to moth-ball status?


We do.

At the same time, many of those poor beasts more often than not are victims of the bad (or good) perception rather than poor balance if one will believe math.


A pretty big post that was answered by WG:

Do you like current test system? Do you really get enough info from gold spamming 4005 fest? Maybe some restrictions should be applied?

Common Tests are for testing compatibility / stability / tech readiness. We are very infrequently seeing those as relevant for balance or gameplay in general

Is it necessary to have marathons so often? Do you like state of the random battles during marathons? Arent you scared that people might get tired of constant grind in crazy matches?

Nope and they are on pause for a while. People are asking why, as many love those. Sometimes we do, sometimes we don’t.

How often do you play the game? Do you enjoy it?

Hours every day if you count dev builds. We do.

State of the low tier matches. With all the imbalance, low hp, oneshot meta and players with 50% crew?

Nope. Looking for a solid fix. Want to avoid multiple incremental changes as lots of players complain about that a lot.

Speaking of crew. Sixth sense for free when? Perk reworks when? Module reworks when? Have you seen crew/modules system in WoWS and do you like it?

It’s all in progress. Somewhere in offline quiz we gave more details on why it took us so long. We did. Not entirely.

OP premiums. Do you feel like, lets say, P.44 and Progetto 46 are on the same level of power? Or HWK 12 and HWK 30? Do you need rest of the examples?

We need to know how you measure and what do you compare, as it’s not exactly straightforward. Have seen lots of opposite opinions.

Tanks overturning. Atm you can get teamkill penalty for helping. And there is no way to get unstuck by yourself. While PS4 version have it. Why is that?

Working with Havoc team to fix multiple issues we got after adding up their tech, including invisible / fake landscape pieces, weird collisions with small decorations, slippery slopes etc. Because they use different tech.

Are you satisfied with current viewrange/camo values? Arent bushes giving way too much camo bonus?

Quite satisfied. We are rather not satisfied with how much one could scale up his viewrange compared with camo scaling. Hopefully will get fixed with new Crew system. Prior to that revising vegetation camo bonus is not a good idea.

Slippery surfaces on every map. Why they are like that? Is it really the only way to make maps with your instruments? Losing all control of the tank when you get on slippery stone with one inch of your track is not fun.




Are we going to be seeing any changes to the way technical victories / defeats are handled on the clan global map? Sure the opposing clan get a penalty and we would continue to the next round, but that clan’s actions [or lack of] just cost us potentially hundreds of fame points through no fault of our own


AFAIK, yes.




Why with recent patches has frame rate been prioritized over ping? With the most recent patch I have gone from averaging 110 ping to 190….


Well, FPS is a function of the client part of the app and your PC computing power, while ping is essentially not. Just to be clear, it is impossible to prioritize one over the other while building the game. If something like that is happening to you, please double-check with your ISP, they are much more likely responsible for what’s going on then we do. Peace 🙂



Would Wargaming ever consider implementing high tier autocannons, such as those that were in Armoured Warfare? There was a pretty interesting discussion in one of my servers in regards to this, and it sounds like a really interesting idea; it would pave the way for vehicles such as the FV721 Fox AFV, if there was interest in adding such machines.


Not at this point, there is some tech ceiling we are trying to keep so far and this kind of weaponry is above it. Will we ever consider lifting it? Who knows, never say never 😉




With the introduction of wheeled light tanks, can there be wheeled TD’s?

There are quite a few of them, and would be a interesting addition to the game, and not have the effect that wheeled lights had.


Won’t happen soon, we still have to digest all the lessons on wheeled LTs first )




There seems to be no information on wheeled vehicles, yet the impact on clan wars and tier 8 Frontline cannot be discounted.

  1. Will they continue as-is?

  2. Will the current light tanks continue as-is, considering obvious role displacement caused by wheeled vehicles.

  3. Will British Light Tanks have a meaningful impact on this? Clearly the state of the game strongly favors wheeled vehicles and russian light tanks, with everything else performing much much worse.


  1. Most people who play WLT up top date are much more skilled than average still, so the data is somewhat distorted. Once or twice in the past we were provoked to react too early and regret that deeply afterwards. This time we prefer to wait few more months. Any way, WLT are under 24h surveillance. If it would be needed to act, we will.

  2. At least until we will make our minds on shells rebalance. If it will go live someday, the impact of it on all the aspects of the game including LT-WLT placement will be bigger than it looks like.

2A. One of the biggest reasons for us to even consider WLT was the previous state of the game when LT role started to drift much more towards MT than we believe was safe.

3. British LT are a part of a different plan.




Light tanks do not effectively counter wheeled vehicles 1v1, and you clearly unambiguously stated the complete opposite when introducing wheeled vehicles. Do you have any intentions to remedy this. Do you have any intentions of using the British light tanks to remedy this? You have chosen the name Senlac 1066 for a reason, right….i mean did the guy who named that tank not share the meaning with the rest of wargaming staff?


The general idea is that the Wheeled line does not seem to actually be imbalancing things as much as players may think at this point in time. If in the future it seems to throw off the balance once they settle, the assumption is that they will be changed then.

There’s not really any other way to say this except the wheeled vehicles will stay as such and nothing is being created to ‘counter’ them as you put it.

To specify answers to individual questions:

Will they continue as-is?


Will the current light tanks continue as-is, considering obvious role displacement caused by wheeled vehicles.


Will British Light Tanks have a meaningful impact on this? Clearly the state of the game strongly favors wheeled vehicles and russian light tanks, with everything else performing much much worse.

No, they aren’t being used as a ‘counter’ in the way you’ve put it.




You softballed the Object 268-4 nerfs. You have completely stopped working on balancing the Object 430u, despite it being a huge pain in the butt op tank.

When are you going to follow through with the 430 and 430u nerfs. For an unbiased game, this really doesnt look very good.


The 440U balancing was not stopped, it was delayed to ensure the changes do what they’re intended to do 🙂


Could you please specify the difference between cancelling “balance changes” and postponing them indefinitely? It very much appears that you are just letting it continue in broken fashion and are doing nothing.


Cancelling will usually imply that we will not look further into data about the tank and how it fits into the meta. Postponing means that there are more pressing issues at hand to solve before we can revisit the data and see how it fits into the game after the other changes that were made.

Answer 2:

 If proposed changes don’t come up to the desired level then it is better to wait until other changes (like the HP and shell rebalance) are in place and then look at how the changes work once those are in place. If that helps?



0 thoughts on “WoT – Reddit Mega QnA with WG developers

  1. One of the first question is about nerfing artillery. It is 2019 and that crap still breaks the game it seems. Imagine my shock

  2. « AGS/Stingray look to us too modern from armament POV »
    of course it does, afterall it is the same gun used by the Centurion, M60, M48, Leopard, Sheridan… wait, what?
    you can tell they have no intention of improving the US TT by knowing how often they give us these BS answers

    Q: US TT rework?
    A: not enough options, just enough to add 4 or 5 ST tanks in 3 months, but not enough for new branches
    Q: buff to the T30, T32, M103 and T110E5? statistically some of the worse heavy tanks in the game?
    A: they are doing just fine, just a bit more and they are OP because some players complained they can\’t pen their UFP, turret front and mantlet, just like it is supposed to happen with heavy tanks, who cares if a T110E5 armor can be penetrated by a Tier 1 T1 from the side, right? it is not like you can expect someone who played up to tier 8 to know when to flank when \”face to face\” with a HT, right?

  3. I\’d like to know why vk.45.02 b still has the raised turret, now for 1 year that has this problem

  4. Question: Just limit the gold/special rounds being shot by 10% or 15% how hard is that? Make people learn how to aim at weak points..

  5. dude dude !! still no tanks for bonds in 1.6 . now there is more then one technical issue . come on wargaming just release it already . you have tank for credits and tanks for xp tanks for gold . what is the hold up . tell us why not just TECHNICAL ISSUE . why they wont bc they just looking for a way to make money on tanks for bonds. till then its shelved . WG lairs

  6. Love how they are holding any other changes back till we agree to accept the ammo changes the way they want. Just like they did with arty stun the said accept it or we will remove arty we called there bluff . Still the annoying 3 arty per side almost every game.

    1. That is a lie. Factually there are no 3 arty almost every game, and even less so at low tier and tier X. This is why WG doesn\’t take people crying about arty seriously. Learn to play and/or get a spall liner.

  7. I\’ll make the reading easy for all of you:

    1) No to any russian tank nerfs.

    2) Yes to russian tank buffs which are desperately needed to rebalance the game.

    3) Devs answer to other nations besides russian armour, \”There are OTHER nations armour?\”.

  8. Arty winchers, you camp for more than a minute you deserve to die period. Lazy tankers lol.

    1. Arty shoots those who are actively fighting, not campers that are not spotted. Useless arty cunt.

      1. arty also shoots hull down and heavy armored tanks that their team cant beat. Or gives them the courage to attack when a enemy tank is stunned. Hitting fast moving tanks for damage is also nearly impossible for a spg. You stink of lies.

  9. There\’s noone left that care about Chinese Medium Line? I would like to ask about whether WG could explain why T-34-2 is worse in every aspects to both premium alternatives which also happenned to be limited MM tanks as well.

    1. One of the ass-kissing cc\’s explained that it ïs a arcade game, not a historically realistic game. And yes, the terrible medium line should all be moved down one tier.

  10. All the crying about arty makes me laugh. Loaded questions that say the m44 has the highest wr of any t6 when there is no proof for that.. Only cheat mod players hate arty for it prevents their unfair battles against other tanks. They want to minmax and not go for the spall liner, and not get punished for minmaxing.

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