World of Tanks – new premium T88 coming?

With the release of highly anticipated Tank Rewards on the EU cluster, keen eyed players have noticed a peculiar tank being displayed. is no other than a new-ish tank, the T88, an american tank destroyer.

The vehicle is essentially an M18 hellcat with a 105mm gun. This tank is not entirely new to WoT, as it has been introduced to the supertest before.

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  1. Looks like a stock Hellcat turret, what tier could this be expected at? I reckon tier 5?

  2. I remember The_Chieftain mentioning on a Q&A that he would really like to have the T88 as a low tier preniun arty, who knows if this was not added at his \”request\”

    1. when he says spg he means td not arty like we know in wot. Please no more premium arty.

      1. no, they were specifically talking about premium arty, he followed up on Meathead when he was answering about premium arty

        « When will we see more premium arty?

        CM: No information at this time.

        MHM: If someone gave me a Tier 8 US Premium SPG I would be over the moon and I don’t even have the SPG line for America…yet…I do have 6 Million Free XP to kill. But I digress.

        TC: I want the 105mm HMC T88. We even had a 3D model of it, once…. Who knows? »

        1. Except in that convo cheiftain was talking about just wanting a 105 derp hellcat premium. He didn\’t respond to Meathead\’s comment nor did he say arty.

          1. yes, he did not reply to meathead\’s comment, he replied to the question about a premium arty, is that so hard to understand? why would he mention it on a question about premium arty? he could just ask to have the 105mm as a gun option for the Hellcat at Tier 6, with the Hellcats mobility the 105mm howitzer would be fun to derp around, even against higher tiers, it would not be as effective as the 90mm but it could be fun on side shots

    2. As I\’m not an artaphobe, I would really like it to be so.

      But either at Tier V or without a turret: not both at the same time.

      And it should be a reward vehicle because premium SPGs tend to cause a lot of ruckus.

  3. I bet one of the artist messed it up hard and the tank on the picture is supposed to be a regular Hellcat with a 76 mm gun.

    The logo on the front of the hull is the logo of the 805th Tank Destroyer Battalion but the barrel looks like the T12 howitzer with it\’s unique muzzle brake plus the barrel cleaning rods are painted red and white like they are aiming posts which are only used for artillery guns.

  4. Would such a thing even work? Hellcat has no armor and a fart can blow a hole in the hull, and a short-barreled howitzer is bound to have bad accuracy and bad shell velocity. And if this is classed as a tank destroyer it will also have terrible gun handling (as all TDs have).

    1. Please, there is a very big spectrum of gun handling, ad fi the Jackson has very decent gun handling with BIA. Completed the Stug missions and quite a lot of t28 HTC missions with it.

      1. Except here we\’re talking about a Hellcat with a howitzer, and not the Jackson?

  5. derp premiums? consider it bought.

    maybe after i confirm the Health/Shell re-balance doesn\’t make these guns obsolete.

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