World of Tanks Supertest – TL-1 LPC

Hey, tankers!

Three Tier VIII vehicles are about to enter the Supertest. Let’s take a glimpse at what each of them are like before they hit the proving ground.


Up first is the TL-1 LPC, the American Tier VIII medium.

Let’s start with the strengths. The mobility—it’s pretty good: a power-to-weight ratio of 18 hp per ton allows for a top speed of 50 km/h. Next, the front armor—it’s good, too, with the plates’ thickness reaching up to 177 mm for the turret and up to 88 for the hull. Plus, the plates are sloped at an impressive angle. As for the other characteristics: the cupola is rather small; the gun’s depression angle is 9 degrees; the hit points amount to 1,400.

Another strength of this vehicle is its 90-mm gun, with an aiming time of 2.1 seconds, dispersion of 0.35 m at 100 m, and a rate of fire of 7.14 rounds per minute. The alpha has been increased to 280 points which is outstanding for its caliber and allows to leave cover less often. The armor penetration is 208 mm for a standard armor-piercing round and 280 mm for a special HEAT round.

In battle, the TL-1 LPC performs just as a medium should: fire support and flanking. However, the decent armor and hit points allow for more daring actions. While the gun, that is nothing short of excellent for a medium, performs effectively in any given situation, be it from its alpha or shooting at a vulnerable enemy.

And what are the weak sides, you might ask? Well, nothing is perfect in this world, and this tank is no exception. But they aren’t that emphatic to be worth mentioning.

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  1. World of PREMIUM Tanks

    more and more ……… and more

    Why the fuck have a Nation TECH TREE in the game ready to research this over time and effort to Tier 10
    thus LEARNING the game and the achievement and satisfaction of grinding a in-game vehicle

    Now ..
    If all you need is a fucking Credit Card to BUY YOURSELF straight to TIER 8 (a high tier btw

    Wargame as a Company are fucking ruing there ONLY cash making game with fucking GREED
    so WOT give it 2 more years with there stupid short sighted money only attitude – then its fucked over beyond repair

    Serves them fucking right

    1. yet another premium simply proves it is possible to fix/expand the US TT despite them wanting to make us believe they do not have options, fortunately there are still many concepts and prototypes left, even for this case the TL-1 is just but 1 among several other similar designs, but there are others that fit both lower and higher tiers as well

      1. @armando30wot: no, the TL-1 started its development as 90mm gun T95 in January 1955. This is basically the T95E2.

        1. this one is the TL-1, don\’t know if you noticed but it will have the 90mm smoothbore gun, just like the concept, the T95E2 was better armored

          1. The TL-1 on the mockup has a eggshell front hull like the M48, contrary to the T95 (and T95E2) that has a straight front, straight front that we find on the \”TL-1 LPC\” (with LPC meaning nothing).

              1. we will have to wait for the description and learn what they say this is, they probably will claim this is one of the different concepts developed based on the TL-1 and prior to the T95, but I do agree (and also pointed out) that it does not look like the TL-1 concept, it is just that my first comment was to say the TL-1 existed and was not a fake

                this is probably WG being ingenious as to not add yet another T95 tank to the game (T28/95 + T95E2 + T95/Chieftain/FV4201 + T95E6)

                in 1955 the TL-1 was officially designated T95, at the same time the TLA was designated T96 and the TS-31 designated T110

                before the T95 was built they developed several Concept Studies (A through P), among them Concept Study I was the basic T95 and the Concept Study O is pretty much what we have above, a T95 hull with a M48 turret and the T95\’s 90mm smoothbore gun, the first proposal for a T95 with the M48A2 turret and the 90mm M41 gun was aproved in June of 1957 which would result in the T95E2 pilot, that came after the Concept Studies were done

                so yeah, WG is probably being ingenious and giving the T95 Study O a different name to not repeat the T95 designation, in the end a T95 is also a TL-1 and it is not too fake, wether it is right to call it TL-1 LPC or not is a different discussion, but the design did exist

                  1. Small joke aside: the cupola is on WG\’s model from 1974 :-* It\’s the low profile hatch from the M48A5 …

                    1. well they never make perfect copies and that detail would actually work to support that they are trying to avoid naming it T95 due to the already large number of T95\’s in the game, furthermore I believe you are aware that the M48A5 was not the first tank to use that cupola design, in 1961 both the T95E8 and the T95 test rig for the hydropneumatic suspension (probably a modified T95E8) had that cupola

                      it seems to be one more case of WG \”mixing and matching\” several details of the same program to come up with a tank \”design\”

                    2. also, this could not be a T95E8 since that was equiped with the same powerpack as the M60, which it does not have modelled (it was a bit taller and reduced clearence at the back)

                    3. @armando30wot no, it\’s not the cupola of the T95E8. That\’s what i tough, but check carefully 😉

                    4. the ingame description has been released, they changed it to T95E2 LPC and the gun was named 90mm M41\”something something\”
                      makes no sense to have 2 identical T95E2\’s but unfortunately it will happen

                      also, I think it does resemble the cupola of the T95E8

                      I do not get why they had to do it like this and essentially copy the same tank but making its cupola harder to hit, especially since they could add something original that was actually designed

                    5. Sorry, typo from me, i wrote T95E6 instead of T95E8 that has a close cupola. But you are right for the T95E8. That\’s interesting indeed, because another book states this cupola to be from 1974.

                    6. np, don\’t worry, mistakes are something that happen

                      that particular pilot was tested in 1961, so 13 years before that, even the hydropneumatic suspension test rig was tested the year after, so 12 years before the M48A5

                      still it is a pity that they will simply make it another T95E2, they could have at least give it the same 90mm as the T95 just to make it different, even if the stats were the same, I wonder how it will go down with the T95E2 owners since their tanks will stop being unique

  2. pretty much the same as what we can find on Hunnicutt\’s books, the frontal armor slightly weaker and the engine slightly more powerfull
    the one difference is the shape of the turret, the turret on the mockup was a bit more enlongated, sort of like a hybrid of the turret of the T95 and the turret of the M48, sharper in the front and wider and rounder in the back, that design would obviously improve the angles and make it bouncier

    I just don\’t know where did LPC come from, I thought it was only named TL-1

  3. So further powercreep of the T69 and the Pershing by premium content.
    Just remembered that a few years ago WG was even talking about reworking the US medium line and adding a second med line. Till that was binned.

    Not even to mention the alpha increased for it\’s 90mm.
    It begs the question: where do they want to stop with the ever increase of alpha per tier per calibre?

    It is \’marketing department\’ driven balance decisions like this that always pushed me into the opposite direction from wanting to spend bigger amounts than a few bucks for gold for crew retraining and stuff.
    Sort of grateful towards \’em for that business stance.

  4. Can we just take a moment to comprehend the fact that this is the exact same hull model and armour layout as the Tier X T95/FV4201 with the exception of a weaker rear hull plate.

  5. as much as i love them adding new tanks to the game, they need to be adding new tech trees instead. why so many? something has to change.

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