WoT Supertest – E75 TS

Hey, tankers!

Three Tier VIII vehicles are about to enter the Supertest. Let’s take a glimpse at what each of them are like before they hit the proving ground.

E 75 TS

Secondly, we have a Tier VIII heavy ready to bolster the German tech tree. Its name—the E 75 TS.

This vehicle is a fusion of all the brightest examples of German heavy tank engineering: the Tiger II, the E 75 and the Löwe. The classic King Tiger layout has been enhanced with the armor of the E 75 and the rounded turret borrowed from the Löwe. In addition, the sides have been reinforced with screens and the commander’s cupola isn’t large. All this combines to give the E 75 TS impressive protection in the front and on the sides. As for its HP, well at 1600 it’s one of the highest for its tier.

And the weapon’s not lagging behind either! This heavy carries a 105-mm cannon with an armor penetration of 227 mm with a standard AP shell and 282 mm with an APCR. It’ll take 12.3 seconds to reload, offering 360 damage with each shot. The accuracy is fine at 0.35 m at 100 m. You might think that none of these stats stand out at first glance. You’d be right looking at them individually, but together they come together to make one of the most effective weapons at this tier.

As for tank mobility, there’s no surprises here. Its max speed is 30 km/h, but this heavy picks up pace quite quickly. This means you can support an attack and get back to defend when needed.

The E 75 TS isn’t full of surprises in terms of its playstyle; this is a German heavy tank, which can both absorb hits and return fire. In fact, the solid weapon and armor will help you cope with any situation, or enemy, you encounter.

0 thoughts on “WoT Supertest – E75 TS

  1. Aaaaah…
    Finally something we desperately needed … Another made-up OP tier VIII premium tank, better than anything in its national class, but this time \”made in Germany\”… Well done WG, well done…

    1. tbh I don\’t think this one looks very OP at all. Just looking at the stats, it looks very similar to a Lowe with the stats jumbled around a bit. Has a 105mm like the Lowe but somehow does more damage a shot, but the longer reload counters it for the most part. Not as accurate as the Lowe either. Mobility looks similar, with this getting about 2hp/t more but a lower top speed. This has larger turret armor numbers than the Lowe, but the Lowe\’s turret does fine with the sloping as it is, and the Lowe has better hull armor on all sides. I don\’t think anyone has ever called the Lowe OP.

      1. That\’s because it was buffed after wg had already gone p2w with plenty of other tier 8 prems. No one was surprised by that stage.

  2. Wow.
    WG went from paper tanks to completely made up fantasy straight out of their minds.

  3. With this I hope they will finally down tier the Tiger II to tier 7(and probably Tiger I to tier 6)

    1. But honestly they should just remove the 128mm gun from the E-75 and put it at tier 8 and replace the tier 9 with E-100 with Maus turret and gun instead.

  4. It took me a while to realize this is not a joke…Man, rly dont know what to say about this 🙂

  5. defender with lower profile, magic armour, magic rng for snap shot and sniping, less reload time, avg dmg of 440 but gets magic rng rolls of avg dmg 490, says hi.

    question, this having 1600 hit points is a big selling point, but aren\’t most tanks getting HP increases with premium ammo changes?.

    the only tank that can save the german lines is a premium captured russian.

    how about a captured T34-85m for the germans aye, or a captured is3, is7, 268-4, obj140, 907, 430, 430u, or a t54?.

  6. This is so fake and napkin that every dead German tank designer suddenly rolled over in their graves and caused massive earthquakes in Commiefornia.

    Grot tanks when?

  7. correct me if I am wrong but I believe there was no actual blueprint of the E-75, supposedly only the E-10, E-25, E-50 and E-100 were designed as the new standard panzers to replace the production of all the other Panzers in use, so were did they find this configuration of the E-75? I believe there were only mentions of it and no actual concept, coming up with the idea one could get a turret \”inspired\” by the Löwe design seems too much for me

    I can understand modifying existing designs to be balanced in a certain Tier, but making them up I don\’t, unfortunately they have too many of those

    btw the E-75 is okay since it follows the concept of the E-series, the E-75 TS turret does not

    1. Actually I believe that that the E75 had blueprints for it\’s hull completed but nothing else from what I can remember.

  8. Guys , Guys you are seeing this for what it is. They want you to buy it to play frontlines.

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