World of Tanks – Twitch Prime “Foxtrot” package

This one should release on July 6th. All about British tanks.

Content of the package should be as follows:

  • Harold “Nelson” Scott  – A new exclusive British commander with 3 skills. Only for the nation 🇬🇧 Great Britain.
  • Fyfe-o-klok emblem – non-historical. Price of 50 gold (not for sale).
  • Medal “Rule Britain”
  • Medal given to the participants of the live action.
  • Combat missions
  • Combat mission x5
  • Equipment
  • Other
  • 2 rental tanks: one should be the Centurion Mk. 5/1 RAAC, other is unknown


0 thoughts on “World of Tanks – Twitch Prime “Foxtrot” package

  1. So a new 3 skill British Commander with \’Foxtrot\’ care package
    that\’s really it ~ nothing really else in Foxtrot

    rest is blah, blah the usual WG bull crap

    still a 3 skill British Commander is \’very\’ nice (be much nicer if they counted as 1st zero skill perks

    1. He is zero skill for SS which is nice. The rentals have actually been really nice for people who don\’t have many tanks for FL

    1. And there never will be, because he was a Nazi and (arguably) a rather poor tactician. He\’s not a person we should be honoring.

      1. And? We can\’t have a tank ace because he was a Nazi? What\’s wrong with you, are you dumb or just brainwashed? And you calling him a poor tactician either makes you clueless or a troll, or both. And stop using the word \”we\” when writing stuff like that. Some people have the ability to see the full picture of what a person actually did rather than just what political party he joined. I will always honor him and a lot of other German tank aces for their acheivements on the battlefield. Doesn\’t mean that I support war crimes that the SS did. But then I understand that the difference is difficult to understand for an ignorant person like you.

      2. Maybe in your opinion we should rather honor American generals that pushed the idea of dropping 2 atomic bombs on Japanese cities killing 120\’000 innocent people? Good job you clueless lemming, you\’ve allowed yourself to get brainwashed instead of using the potato on your shoulders to think for yourself. No respect for people like you.

  2. Wow this is a lame one . They should let us own the tiger C with this package and maybe give a camo . there is only a crew member nothing else worth a spit.

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