0 thoughts on “WoT – Panther: The Rise & Fall – Episode 2

  1. Trade in event running on the SEA server and I\’m interested in the Panther 88. Is it worth it for Frontline mode?

    1. Absolutely not. If you want a Frontline worthy tank, try the 50TP Prot, or something like that.

      1. 50TP is not in the tech tree though. Plus I only have enough gold + a T34B to trade for a T8 premium that costs 7300 gold at most. That leaves me with only the Panther 88, M4A1 Revalorise, Super Pershing, FV4202, 59-Patton and that new American LT. These are just off the top of my head.

        1. In my experience the FV4202 and the M4A1 Rev are the most suitable from that list, although keep it in mind, those tanks need a specific kind of gameplay.
          I tell you this because if you go through and follow my advice, and it does not work out, then remember to not blame me. Though if you know how to play the Centurions, then you should be fine.

    2. panther 88 is my primary tank for fl , doing quite good with it , accuracy on long range + dpm short range+ view range 480 with no food

      1. What happens if you come face to face with a heavy or more than just one enemy tank at the same time?

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