World of Tanks 1.5.1 – Bretagne Panther


In today’s micropatch, bypassing the supertest, a new historical premium tank was added.Bretagne Panther is a French tier 6 premium tank. The tank is completely ready and is to be released soon. It should go on sale in the EU, and the tank is dedicated to the Tankfest 2019 event, where Wargaming, together with the Bovington tank Museum, will show a real copy of this tank. Crew of the tank consistos of 5 crewmen.

This modification of the “Panther” was produced from August 1943 to July 1944. Ausf. A version  received a new turret and a ball mount course machine gun. Also, changes have affected the means of observation. About 2300 tanks of this modification were constructed. In 1944, after the Allies landed in Normandy, several tanks were captured by the French armed forces and used in combat against the German forces.


Full stats:

Tier 6 French premium medium tank


Main armament: 7.5cm KwK 42 L/70;

Alpha damage -135/135/175;

Penetration values – 150/194/38;

Damage per minute – 2011;

Rate of fire –  14,898 (4 s. reload);

Shell velocity – 925 m/s (AP);

Gun accuracy – 0.336;

Aim time – 2.21 s.

Aim circle spread –

  • after shot – 2,877;
  • on turret traverse – 0,115;
  • on tank movement – 0,192;
  • on tank traverse – 0,192;

Gun depression – 8 degrees;


View range – 370;

Camouflage values –

  • Stationary 15,4 %;
  • On movement 11,5 %;
  • During shooting while stationary 3,6 %;
  • On movement while shooting – 2,69 %;


Engine power – 700;

Vehicle traverse speed – 30;

Specific power ratio – 15,38 hp/t;

Maximum speed –

  1. forwards 55 km/h;
  2. backwards 20 km/h;

Terrain resistances –

  • on hard terrain – 0,959;
  • on medium Terrain – 1,151;
  • on soft terrain – 2,205;


Hitpoints – 840;

Hull front / side – 80mm / 40 mm/ 40 mm;

Turret front / side – 100 mm / 45 mm/ 45 mm;

0 thoughts on “World of Tanks 1.5.1 – Bretagne Panther

  1. Funny. The US gets a premium Königstiger, and the French gets a premium Panther. Meanwhile, Germany itself doesn\’t have premium versions of these very iconic tanks, and on top of that, the regular tech tree versions are 1 tier higher.

    1. A quite interesting and greedy way to test a tier redistribution, da.
      Can\’t believe consumers are still buying into this crap.

      1. no…its because they are still GREEDY and incompetents at balance

        dont forget about BlackPrince low tier edition, Jap Tiger 😉 and for sure many others like this will come…

  2. Historical correct german premium vehicles? Yes, please. But not in german techtree. Because of reasons.

  3. What I don\’t understand is why, in case of captured but unaltered tanks, can\’t WG offer both versions, the original in German tree and the captured Bretagne/Poodle/Cuckoo in respective allied trees.

    They do it for less noble reasons, reskin/repaint to sell \”new\” tanks, here they have a legitimate reason to sell reskinned clones, to make customers happy and make cash, but they don\’t.

    They probably do hate Germany.

    1. Isn\’t the VK30.02M essentially the \”historical Panther\” of the German tech tree?

      1. basically yes, but it has worse side armor. It shows, downtiering the Panther is the solution to keep its historical look and playstyle. Put Panther F (with Schmalturm, gun choice: 25mm L100 or 88mm L70) on Tier 7. Rest is fine.

  4. Huh. Looks like GERMANY I the new USA…

    We are french. Russian. American… You name it!

  5. So why don\’t the French have a medium tier 6-8 in the tech tree? At this point there are 5 premiums either released or in testing in that range.

  6. If nothing else this does reflect the irony that the French wound up using the Panther longer than the German did! I\’m more interested in this than it deserves.

  7. The Germans tree has both the Panther/M10 and the Panther 8,8. Maybe not the best tanks but they do have some.

    Tanks Encyclopedia has a German KV-1 that was uparmored and fitted with the Pak 75, I\’d buy that for sure if WG ever put it in the game

    1. They won´t put that into the game.
      Would hurt the feelings of all their Russian consumers.

      So no captured tanks for the German Tech/Premium \”Tree\”.
      At least no Russian ones.

  8. I like the captured tank idea. I hope WG does more of them. I do wish the captured tank had more to differentiate it from the originator/tech tree counterpart.

  9. Waste of time really it is
    however nice it is ~

    compared to the over power Russian (of course whom else) T34-85M
    this new \’Historical French Premium\’ is a old antique out dated, and yes it not even released yet

    honestly why buy a admittedly interesting and REAL tank – when the Russian Stalin is great long live mother Russia T34-85M that simply pisses all over it

    funny isn\’t it that so many Russian (fiction bollocks) tanks are the very best in cartoon WOT
    a coincidence?

    1. It\’s not a marathon reward you drunkard. It will be sold while the Tankfest is on like the Tiger 131 was sold previously.

  10. American Tiger II at tier 7 and French Panther at tier 6
    Nice, but how about down tier German Tiger II and Panther, WG?

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