WoT EU – Titanic Tank: the TOG II*


Just like the Titanic, the TOG II* was majestically huge, but also quite a let down. Developed for trench warfare and after the events of World War I, this vehicle was finally ready… in 1943. 10 metres in size and 80 tons of steel, which were pretty much useless at the time. Fortunately enough, the TOG II* made it to World of Tanks, and it’s one of the most fun vehicles you can bring to the field. With a massive HP pool, very large ammo capacity and a fast-firing gun, you’re here to stay on the field!

TOG II Offers

Collector’s Gem – 14.64

  • VI TOG II*
  • 100% Trained Crew
  • Garage Slot


0 thoughts on “WoT EU – Titanic Tank: the TOG II*

  1. Actually surprised they sell it for 15 too Oo … Out of the blue.

    Reminds me… Jingle\’s featured my TogII replay hrhrhr


  2. french tyre tanks spot it, SPG kills it, before it can leave the cap circle!.
    otherwise, it\’s loads of fun.

    for other tanks to kill.

  3. A platoon of 3 of those top-tier pretty much doubles the team\’s hp-pool at this tier lol

    It\’s weak, but the life gives you time to use the great gun

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