World of Tanks – Frontlines “Spot enemies forever” bug

A new bug has surfaced with the introduction of new frontlines episode. This one gives you basically an easy ticket to get General rank with a simple use of the “Recon flight” combat reserve.

Disclaimer: We do not promote usage of game breaking bugs. This bug gives you the ability to get a myriad of assistance damage that will make it a lot easier to earn the Frontlines rewards. Read further at your own discretion.

This new bug is fairly simple – it works on both attack and defence according to the finders. This requires efficient use of the Recon flight combar reserve.

How to reproduce –

Works best with level 5 Recon flight reserve.

  • Pick a moment when there are a bunch of enemies grouped up together, e.g when they are capping the base.
  • Make sure you will die within 10-20 s after you use the combat reserve
  • Die after using combat reserve while it’s still active.
  • Respawn and continue playing

Sounds pretty weird, right? Well not at all, as this bug will tag all enemies as “spotted” and any damage they will receive at any point as long as they are still alive will go to your assisted damage pool. This doesn’t impact the enemies’ gameplay, as it just allows you to get a ton of assistance damage anytime the enemy is shot at, making progressing through ranks incredibly easy.

0 thoughts on “World of Tanks – Frontlines “Spot enemies forever” bug

  1. aka dont play the game mode, or hope that wg dose the right thing and fix the bug then push the game mode out

    1. Depends. The wording in the article makes it sound like the ennemies aren\’t actually spotted but are simply tagged as such, so you\’d just get free assist damage. In which case tbh everyone should exploit that bug since it doesn\’t affect gameplay beyond xp-gain.

      If it actually keeps the ennemies spotted that\’s a completely different issue…

  2. First the ranked shit show now this… Sometimes you wish they would stop making any changes, because often they are making them worse.

  3. easy to fix. they need a routine to clear / reset the player\’s session. every time he dies or starts, they should go through all of his session values and set them all to a pre-game position. if they did this, the bug would not manifest itself.

  4. Well maybe now we actually stand a chance to reach the last prestiges without playing 24/7 during the event weeks…

  5. Well at least the minipatch that had the Frontline updates did not break the game, remember when the queue went mad in the past days?

  6. It works for me on EU, just tried it, dont forget to die after activating it… Mine is lvl 5

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