WoT EU – Ranked Battles Season 1 Is Now Over


Our first iteration of the revamped Ranked Battles is now over. You fought well, and your names are now written in the Hall of Fame. Check your results and performance on our leaderboard, and note that 111 accounts have been blocked for a week, while 48 accounts have been permanently banned, according to our new Fair Play Policy – there’s no place for cheaters in this glorious competition!

Stay tuned for the rewards, which will be distributed in the next 14 days, and for more info on the next iteration of Ranked Battles!

NOTE: Tickets regarding the positions in the leaderboard and rewards will be accepted only within 30 days after the season closing.

Reward for Leagues

Reaching any prize league will bring you a special reward that will help you stand out on the battlefield. The higher the league, the more prestigious the reward:

  • A special badge for each league
  • A unique style for Tier X vehicles, different for each league
Bronze league Silver league Golden league

There is a special reward for sprinters — the first 100 players that complete all Divisions and reach any league. No matter what league they reach, they will be rewarded with the prizes of Golden league. Sprinters are marked with a special icon  on the Season Leaderboard.

Note: once you get a reward for league at the end of the Season, you will have to confirm your rank during the next Seasons.

  • If you stay in the same league by the end of the next Season, you preserve your badge and vehicle style.
  • If you reach another league, your previous badge and vehicle style will be withdrawn and replaced by ones for the new league.
  • If you do not make it to any league, you lose your badge and vehicle style.

Roll out!

0 thoughts on “WoT EU – Ranked Battles Season 1 Is Now Over

  1. Still no real info if you get the ranktoken only for Gold League or simply for reaching the leagues.
    Gold League would make sense, but the description in every other language besides english was telling otherwise. Very misleading – but so WG like.

    1. Can\’t agree with you on that. Finally all players was able to earn gold by just pushing into new divisions, rather than having to fight against the top 10% for a spot in gold league. However, the amount of grind required as a bit too high, and basically all tanks had to cause damage within their own viewrange to get role xp.

      1. Im sorry but im still waiting to play it.. Oh wait U.S doesnt get ranked… might as well wait another year before touching this hot garbage of a game.

        1. Do you get a much worse ping when playing on EU? Otherwise maybe you want to move your current account, or create a new account if support doesn\’t want to move it, to EU? 🙂

      2. my experience was different….since I started later I was perma-stuck in qualification division:by the end we were being fed to the players that finished qualification-it was 4-5 high \”lvl\” players and rest of us low \”lvl\” ones…if we won there was a chance to get a chevron…if we lost it was guaranteed 1 chevron lost….so it was not fun for me:no matter the amount of time and credits I was willing to throw at it-it was far from fun

        1. Yeah, I can agree that the matchup was a bit messed up, I also played against players from first division when I was still in qualification. But the reward system was perfect. This time the rewards in gold where not limited to only the 10% on the top.

    1. After every ban wave the same crybabies shows up with the usual “I did no cheat” “unfair baned” “I will sue WG” Either you are too stupid to know what mods you are installing or you are so fucking useless you need cheats to win. Nevertheless, you got what you deserved! HAHA!

  2. Time to blacklist all the no life beta cucks who got into Golden League to teamkill them if I ever meet them in a battle.

    1. Said by a salty retard with sub-80% chevron rate? Don\’t blame other players for actually being good at this POS game. The real no-lifers are at the silver and bronze league, they have bad chevron rates so you were forced to play a lot to actually get into the leagues. I myself played around 150 games (over a time period of 3 weeks) wich is not an extreme amount if I say so my myself. I have seen guys with 900-1100 games, at the bottom of the bronze league. Please don\’t talk bs in the future ;).

      Kind regards.

  3. \”according to our new Fair Play Policy – there’s no place for cheaters in this glorious competition!\”

    Bullshit. Why are cheaters blocked for a week? Ive never seen another game where you are not instantly banned permanently for cheating. Thats why the game is full of cheat mod users. You have no risk to get perma banned cause you have 1 try for free.

  4. I would love to see a list of these cheaters. To blacklist the ones who got a week.

  5. 111 only blocked for a week ? Good incentive for them to keep cheating. Give them a year ban or ban them pemanently, not a incredibly weak punishment because you are desperate even for cheater\’s money.

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