WoT – Update 1.5.1 Overview

Get ready to go into battle on improved medium tanks, rediscover the winter “Kharkov” map  and evaluate session statistics and training materials!


Rebalance of medium tanks

We have changed the technical characteristics of the medium tanks Leopard 1 and STB-1, as well as some other MTs in the German and Japanese branches, including the premium Panzer 58 Mutz and STA-2 vehicles. It’s time to roll them out of the Hangar!


Session statistics

Starting with update 1.5.1, you can track the statistics of your game session right in the Hangar. From the report that is updated after each battle, you can go to the Hall of Fame to view your personal rating in World of Tanks (WTR). Session statistics include many different indicators, and we are still working on it. It will definitely be updated!


Educational materials

The game will receive a new entity – educational materials. They instantly add a certain amount of experience to the crew and disappear immediately after use. With the release of each tanker version, we will charge an initial set of training materials: one for each nation – only 11.


Reworked map: “Kharkov”

The revised map “Kharkov” returns to random battles! This winter location has become larger (1×1 km) and is perfect for playing on all types of equipment. You are waiting for a lot of new tactics and combat situations!


Premium account

Players with a premium account will be additionally charged 24 hours of a Tank premium account as compensation for the unavailability of servers due to technical work. If you want to make any gaming purchases, wait for the launch of the servers.

Before you start technical work, log in with your username and password (at any time) in World of Tanks and before starting work, do not enter other projects. This is important for the calculation of compensation.


See you in battle, tankers!
Play theimproved medium tanks, develop your crew using training materials, take a ride around Kharkov and learn more about session statistics!