E3 2019 – Where to watch and what to expect

While not something you would expect from Armored Patrol, today marks the day that Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3), begins, and it is a celebration for every gamer as tons of new modern games are being announced. To see when E3 conferences take place and see official viewing platforms with links, visit this site:

E3 Countdown

For information what to expect, read down below.

Microsoft conference:

Probably the main highlight of entire E3, Microsoft’s conference is usually packed with game reveals and surprises. We will surely get some new insight to some highly anticipated games like Cyberpunk 2077, Halo Infinite, Borderlands 3, Dying Light 2 and much more, including Microsoft’s new Xbox console (Console players rejoice!)

Bethesda conference:

After recent Bethesda mess, and Bethesda’s higher ups saying that they won’t bring either Starfield or Elder Scrolls 6, we can expect new content for Fallout 76, or Bethesda might blow the lid wide open and spill some beans on their next Triple-A galaxy exploration game Starfield, only time will tell, and conference starts soon enough.

AMD’s conference:

Tech geeks’ dream, we can expect new “Navi” architecture reveals along with AMD’s new 16-core “Ryzen” CPU to bring new ground breaking technology to gamers. Even if technology isn’t your  thing, this should be an interesting watch.

Ubisoft conference:

We know for a fact that Ubisoft will announce their next Watch Dogs title, Watch Dogs: Legion during their conference. Other than that, we might see information on their next Assassin’s Creed game (Which is rumoured to take place during the era of the Vikings) and new content for The Division 2.

Square Enix:

Main highlight here should be the Final Fantasy VII remake, with more games to be announced and keep your eyes on.


Nintendo might not be the best at marketing, but they certainly know how to make great games. Other than their E3 games and Switch console sale that’s happening right now, Nintendo will surely tease some new great titles from many of their fan favourite franchises and announce new games altogether, regardless, it’s a great event to watch.

This sums up the main things of E3 that you should be excited for (or at least keep your eyes on) at E3. Have a great time watching!