Škoda T 27 Renders

With its own 3D Style named Jan Žižka.

Author: Anton Grozin, Source: Artstation










0 thoughts on “Škoda T 27 Renders

  1. Looks really cool

    I really like those 3d styles, they look great but they\’re not flashy clown camos like the liberté and Patriot were.

  2. Agree, less damage to the game, clown camos are way worse. This is pure fun/waste of money/WG honest money grab. The prices should be lower, IMAO.

    And it would be nice to have some realism, medieval weapons strapped to a tank? Did they just crushed a museum with this imaginary tank to claim some history objects? WG people smoke some serious shit on the job.

    1. You now that all the weapons/equipment on this tank are all ww2 and post ww2 weapons or weapons that would probably mounted on that tank (if it were put into production) None are medieval or from that era. I have no idea where you got that from look before you speak.

      1. I mean there is a mace on the back of the turret, but other than that I can\’t see medieval weapons on it…

  3. \”Pravda Vítězí\” = Veritas Vincit (latin) = Truth Prevails!
    Mace is there to reflect \”Jan Žižka\” (this skin is named after him) – medival military hero/general.
    Btw Žižka is known for using war wagons (perhaps medival equivalent of tanks) in battles to defeat much more numerous opponents. Wagons were mobile and able to deploy in a moment , forming circular wall impenetrable for enemy horsemen. Fighting from wagon provided men both cover and elevation advantage to fight enemy heavy cavalary with long weapons. Area inside of circle formed by wagons was used by commander to observe situation on the battlefield providing orders. Small camp was made there also providing supplies, reinforcements, taking care of wounded etc.
    Rifle placed outside of turret is relatively rare machine rifle from +-ww2 period, Czech researched and made, not sure about it\’s name.
    Everything on this skin has it\’s meaning and is related to several Czech historical periods, so it is not \”historical\” by the meaning how some concrete ww2/50s tank looked like but rather smartly displaying various items with some historical reference in \”not-so-violent\” way like other clown camos.
    Good job WG, will gladly pay for this

  4. Looks awesome! WG has outdone themselves with the 3D styles lately.I can\’t wait to get this one. Hopefully the tank performs as good as it looks.

  5. Oh look the tank that should\’ve been a regular Tier 8 vehicle with the niche of the upper end of the tech tree.

    This is purely better in every aspect compared to the utter turd known as a the TVP. WG is still continuing with the powercreep for money and its kinda sad.

  6. WTF? Who can write Jan Žižka as a Yan??? 🙂 🙂 🙂 Guys, his army beatet two Crusade yourneys against Czech kingdom… He deserve a little bit respekt… 🙁

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