„Conqueror” Style Set Pictures

This is how the new „Conqueror” style set looks, which will be available in the upcoming Global Map Campaign. Treated as non-historical, can be applied to Tier VIII, IX and X tanks.

The price is 750 gold.







0 thoughts on “„Conqueror” Style Set Pictures

      1. I understand that not everyone cares about realism, but since you asked, the camo looks completely unrealistic, that\’s why a lot of players don\’t like it.

          1. You\’re missing the point. You asked \”Why does it look nasty?\”, I replied why some people might find it nasty. That we can disable it is not relevant when you ask *why* it looks nasty.

  1. May whoever conjured this burn in hell.

    I would make him wear this \”camo\” while being hunted, in any terrain.

  2. does no one wonder why they can put a camo on the Mutz ? i do. maybe we can exchange the mutz for the regular tenk like the skorpion g recently

  3. I get the feeling that WorldEater is the guilty person that created this monstrosity, based on his/her replies.

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