Black Market: Rare tank coming on May 26

According to our Russian sources at wotclue:

From the General mail of all WG-volunteers: “…Black market offers, which will go on sale on may 24, 2019 at 19:00 (Moscow time) and may 26, 2019 at 19:00 (Moscow time) will be presented in a VERY limited amount, please note this…”.

0 thoughts on “Black Market: Rare tank coming on May 26

  1. After the 59G I really don\’t see what tank they could sell that would make people THIS hyped.
    Even the PzV/IV is not as hyped as the Type59 Gold…
    But I guess this means buy 100 euros worth of gold and wait.

  2. probably the KingTiger C…

    if its for gold…nasty
    if not…will be sick how many players will rush it 😛

  3. I could think about a couple of really rare tanks PzV/IV, T-44-122, ISU-130, SU76i or just a very new tank like the King Tiger (C).

    1. The only other tanks that have the same level of hype and rarity as the Type59 are the PzV/IV and the SU76I, unless it\’s another unreleased tank on EU

  4. Low tier seal clubbing garbage…. once you get to 10s tou shouldn\’t be going below 5s any more that\’s only to grind new shit….

    1. Well said. A good player sticks to the tiers where there are real opposition. Seal clubbing stats are fake stats.

      1. Or just let us have fun, why would reaching tier X suddenly forbid us to play half of the game ?
        WG just needs to increase the lowtier segregation to 1k battles instead of the 100 newcomers currently have between them. But there is no reason why experimented players should not be allowed to play low tiers.

        1. The PzKpfw S35 is my most favourite tank in the game. Had they worked on a PvE mode ages ago I wouldn\’t be playing PvP at all and risk being accused of seal clubbing. WoWS has had co-op from the very start so I don\’t know what the heck is taking WoT with a similar mode.

          I\’ve played WoT for over 3 years but I never grinded a single T10 because none of them interest me. If I wanted postwar/modern vehicles I might as well play Armored Warfare.

    1. It\’s true that one of the two weird KV-4 designs was never released yet, can\’t remember which one though… But could be it

  5. I heard from one of my friends, who work for WG, it could be the legendary WTE100 for a big amount of Gold

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