Supertest News: An HP Boost for Tier I-VI Vehicles

We are about to start the supertest for a hit point increase to all Tier I–VI vehicles. We assume that the adjustments to HP pools will make low-tier and mid-tier vehicles last longer in battle, and at the same time make the transition to top-tier vehicles more comfortable. The Supertest will show if our assumptions are correct.

Why do we intend to give Tiers I–VI an HP increase?
While researching vehicles and going up the tiers every player can observe (and feel) the increments to their tanks’ stats and overall battle efficiency. One of the key parameters impacting a vehicle’s efficiency is its HP pool. Currently the HP pool growth curve is too steep from Tier I to Tier VI, and more gradual from Tier VII to Tier X (see the comparative graph below).

This makes playing low-to-mid-tier vehicles less comfortable than it should be. When facing vehicles of a higher tier in battle, you can feel a huge difference between your HP pool and theirs. Because of this more pronounced distinction, the battles tend to last less at low-to-mid tiers.

What do we plan to do, exactly?

To make the HP amount progression more even, we intend to test an increase to HP pools of all Tier I–VI vehicles. The increment will be different for every single tier in the closed test, and will be defined by the same quotient for every vehicle of that tier. (See the quotient table below; a quotient of 1 equals to the current value.)

HP Pool adjustment quotient 2.14 1.99 1.78 1.53 1.31 1.12 1 1 1 1

As per the table, the Tier I vehicles will receive the largest relative boost to their HP pools (+114%) for the duration of the Supertest. The reason is that currently the HP difference between the tiers is the sharper the lower the tier goes. For example, the MS-1, a Tier I Soviet tank, will have an HP pool of 215 points (instead of 100 points; rounded up) in the coming Supertest. The T-45, a Tier II Soviet tank, will get to 280 points (instead of 140 points; rounded up).

The changes to the HP pools will allow to:

  • Soften the transition from a lower to a higher tier while following a branch
  • Increase the mean survival time in low-to-mid-tier battles, making them more comfortable both for newcomers and experienced players researching a new branch

It should be noted that we are talking solely about the first testing stage here—the one where we are going to check the impact of HP pools on battle statistics. The exact adjustment quotients are not final for any tier and may change. In case we get positive results, we will make a separate announcement of our decision to bring the changes into the game.

Source: EU Forums

42 thoughts on “Supertest News: An HP Boost for Tier I-VI Vehicles

    1. lol that takes the tog hp to 1570~ and thats the same hp as most of the tier 8 heavies

  1. WOW! this will be amazing! now when the tier I-VI tanks are bottom tier they will perform better!
    so many issues will be fixed with this.
    -less tanks will be deleted from howitzers.
    -higher HP pool and longer fights in low tiers.
    -This directly helps all tanks in +1 or +2 mm (tiers VI and under), effectively soothing grinds.
    – 890-910 alpha tanks can no longer likely delete same tier heavies. 860>960 health

  2. WOW! this will be amazing! now when the tier I-VI tanks are bottom tier they will perform better!
    so many issues will be fixed with this.
    -less tanks will be deleted from howitzers.
    -higher HP pool and longer fights in low tiers.
    -This directly helps all tanks in +1 or +2 mm (tiers VI and under), effectively soothing grinds.
    – 890-910 alpha tanks can no longer likely delete same tier heavies. 860>960 health

  3. this is literally the nr. 1 thing I\’ve been hoping would happen for lower tiers. especially tier 1-3. this will give a larger margin for error for beginner players. and help those players learn from mistakes and won\’t just have a player die before they can realise they fluffed it!

    btw I hope my TOG II is getting a health buff! then there can be more exp for everyone to enjoy!

  4. I\’ve been hoping for this, well, in my opinion just increasing the HP pool won\’t be enough in the end, we know there\’s too much power creep and there\’s a need to balance the HP pool with the potential damage on each tier
    no matter how you look at it oneshots, particularly on the lower tiers, do decrease the \”retention\” of new players, they simply do not have enough time in battle to understand how the game works
    in my opinion even DERPS should at most only be able to cause damage (on a high RNG roll) equal to 80% of the average HP of all the medium tanks in their tier, and maybe 65~70% on heavy tanks, in the end it would be following the example of WoWs where players can and will be punished but still have a chance to react and try to avoid complete obliteration

  5. \”in case we get positive results\’…they don\’t seem too confident the changes will be well received, but I don\’t know why – can\’t see anything wrong with the proposed changes.

  6. WN8 developers are probably gonna have to rewrite several things to take into account the HP increase of said tiers compared to expected damage values per tank in said tiers…

      1. wn8 sucks, it doesnt count spot dmg
        wn9 would be the solution but they stopped devloping it like years ago

        1. Because there is no way how to get the spot dmg ? Maybe thats why ? Get informed before posting something about a topic you have no idea about.

          And no, there is no need to rewrite anything in wn8, the way wn8 works now is that the expected values are generated automatically every night from XVM database, so there is no need to change anything. Time will fix that automatically as expected values will be raising slowly.

 Developer Dakado here.

  7. It’s good that new players has a chance against tier 2 unicums
    from, for example the B_M_G clan and others who farm wn8 and winrate by seal clubbing in tier 1-2-3 in platoons of 3.

    1. New players will never have a chance against seal clubbing unicums. More HP at lower tiers will only increase unicum\’s survivability, as there will be less RNG involved and they will be able to play in more calculated way.

      Now, I\’m not saying the HP increase is a bad thing. I think it will make low tier games more comfortable for anyone interested in playing low tiers. But seal clubbers will see the most benefit.

  8. nah…thats stupid and will throw away even more the remaining realism
    its just stupid to fire penetrating 10 shots on a tank and still dont \”kill\” him…its just stupid

    instead of buffing all lower tiers…higher ones should get less HP

    this increase just promote idiot gameplay like yolos and mistakes or anything but not skills. This just do not feel like a TANK game.
    Guns fell already UP like slings not cannons because you fire over and over again at same target while normally 1 shot should do the job.
    Lets say thats still a game and always 1 shot kill is not ideal…but more than 3 is already stupid.

    thats disgusting….they put a lot of work to make this game to look excellent, realistic models, even maps..etc
    and gameplay..? Its just a CounterStrike.
    Nasty !

    1. btw. 3 mins battles are not due to HP
      ths happen due to idiot balance between tanks and players
      – those cases with no weakpoints tanks wich just dominate…MM fails, and sealclubers
      all this have nothing to do with HP
      ammo of course…because who PAY just pen enemy tanks where it shouldnt !

      1. BTW, I agree on needing player balance between teams. I have been saying that for a long time.

    2. Think about what you wrote for a second at least please. If you would kill all tanks with 1 shot everybody would camp hard and 99% of the games would end after 15 minutes of spawn camping. No thanks. If you want \”hardcore\” mode 1 shot = 1 kill you would need respawns in the game because nobody wants to wait 10 secs in queue, 30 sec countdown and then getting oneshoted and all again …. You seems to have 0 experience with game design.

      1. i did not said ONLY one-shots, i sad not more than 3 on average
        that means around 3 shots for generic caliber guns for a certain tier, one shot for biggest ones and max 5 shots for lower caliber ones
        easy, more balanced and most important…some kind of realism.

        after that players are complaining about 3-5 mins game…and you just said that games will last for 15 mins with more one-shots change

        anyway…its not a bad idea to just implement a game mode like this along with this \”normal\” one
        something like Realistic Battles…
        here we go…anyone will be happy

        1. True. But these players who want War Thunder kind of realism play War Thunder already.

        2. That\’s because it doesn\’t have a WN8 type system for people to worry more about than trying to kill tanks and win battles. Even if WN8 was eliminated, there would be the WN8 stat whores worrying about their PR instead.

  9. The idea is good, but I think the scaling should be linear and not exponentialy.
    The example would be:

    Tier Is: 200 HP
    Tier IIs: 400 HP
    Tier IIIs: 600 HP
    Tier IVs: 800 HP
    Tier Vs: 1000 HP
    Tier VIs: 1200 HP
    Tier VIIs: 1400 HP
    Tier VIIIs: 1600 HP
    Tier IXs: 1800 HP
    Tier Xs: 2000 HP

    Of course this would be the base value, so medium tanks HPs, and the actual HPs would fluctuate around this base value. Heavy tanks would get around 20% more from the base value, while light tanks get 20% less HP than the base value, etc.

  10. Indirect nerf to T67: it won\’t have ammo to kill third of enemy team on it\’s own 🙁
    Jokes aside … it\’s a great change, but I would like to see buffs up to tier 7 and sometimes even tier 8. I feel like with tier 8 premiums being better there\’s increasing gap between tanks like TigerI, IS, T29 and tanks they face such as defender, is3a, scorpion. I\’m not even mentioning black prince or TigerP. Also tier 9 tanks were usually buffed (turret armor on mediums, gun handling on nearly everything). There is huge gap between some tier 8 mediums and tier 9 mediums as well: Pershing vs. Patton, PantherII vs. E50, TVP vs T50 (T44 was buffed, Centurion as well, Japanese and Chinese are bad at all tiers.

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