0 thoughts on “STB-1 1.5.1 CT Video Review

    1. With the auto changed HS, it\’s probably won\’t happen unless we have a key to tilt to the left and right with a hub indicator that it is on the Siege mode.

    2. It\’s just like the new UDES-tanks, you just have to play the tank in a certain way to make it work. No biggie when I play them to be honest.

      1. Look this.
        It\’s STB early test turret, but not STB-1~6 and Type 74 turret.
        This ugly gun mantlet cover is called \”diaper\” in Japan.

        In addition, STB-1~6, Type 74 MBT , Type 10 MBT\’s hydropneumatic suspension is move Front-back, left-right and up-down.
        STB-1(WoT) \’s only move Front-back.

        In other words, WG is shallow.

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