STA-2 Rebalance Update

A new iteration arrived.

STA-2 (MT-8, Japan, premium):

-Damage per minute increased from 2,002.3 to 2,455.3 – this change was cancelled. The parameter was left as it is currently on the server (2002.3);
-The reload time has been reduced from 7,192 sec to 6,712 sec – this change has been cancelled. Parameters remain unchanged (7.192 s);
-The rate of fire was increased from 8,343 to 8,939 – this change was cancelled and remains unchanged (8,343);
-Engine power has been reduced from 700 to 650 hp (currently on the server: 570 hp);
-The hp per ton was changed from 20.59 to 19.12 hp / t (currently on the server: 16.76 hp / t).

0 thoughts on “STA-2 Rebalance Update

      1. You would have to make it either fullauto or tripple its armor, there is no way you can overbuff that tank.

      2. What\’s too bad for you? How does it hold up against Tier X tanks, which it meets 50% of the time? Does anybody who can help it play this tank on Frontline? And will any of this change in any meaningful way if the changes go ahead as planned?

        The STA-2 will remain exactly what it is now, a very mediocre Tier VIII which hardly anyone cares to play anymore. So why change anything in the first place? They might as well not bother at all.

  1. look, STA-2 is shit, we should buff him. Weeks later: gots nerved.
    WG has clearly to much Vodka.

  2. wouldn\’t want any med to be able to do perceptible damage to Russia best tanks 140/430/430U.. the snowflakes commies would be autistic screeching .. This is the problem of making a culturally regional game international; it\’s inherent bias is pathetic and destructive outside the region it was designed for.

    1. Firstly how did you put 140 into \”best tanks\” category and secondly how are russian tanks connected to the fact that WG doesn\’t want to overbuff STA-2? They\’re just testing it, maybe they\’ll bring the DPM buff back.

          1. lmao…

            \”140 is alright\”

            you\’re high dude, it\’s better than everything that isn\’t russian.

            907 > 430u > 140 > everything else, and its not close.

  3. But they buffed the STA-1 quote a bit, why not just give the A2 the same dpm. The tanks are almost identical in the first place…

    1. because its premium and have OTHER ADVANTAGES over STA1
      WAY more credits income
      trainging crew option
      better XP gaining

      thats why it must be worse on performance ! just like ALL PREMIUM TANKS

      1. wake up man …. \”thats why it must be worse on performance ! just like ALL PREMIUM TANKS\” this was true like 5 years ago …… nowadays is it \”new premium tank has to be better then tree tank because we want to sell it …. sell it A LOT\”

        1. and??

          theres not all about combat, its about economy too and grind

          also you meet other tanks in combat with STOCK ones…so??

          1. What an idiotic statement, the chance of meeting a stock higher tier vehicles epecially at this point is exceedingly rare. The tank is piss poor and useless in the current meta, credit income boost and crew training is irrelevant when it takes even longer to do both, than regular elited silver tanks. I mean why credit grind in the sta 2 when i can use skor G or the defender?

            I mean id rather use the tier 6 jap tiger at this point, the T54 mod 1 is more useful and thats been powercreeped to hell (one of the few russian tanks that legitimately is currently).

            1. because thats the way to fix all of them
              slowly…because thats wg style

              because there are other retard and imbecile OP P2W premiums do not means that all must be buffed to that idiotic level
              oposite in fact
              all standards must be buffed first to outclass those p2w junks and only after that old premiums can be buffed

              if we want BALANCE of course in a F2P GAME !

  4. nice fuk NERFING – now who will but this T8 Premium shit ~ if it was a Russian Tank be so much different big Buffs all around

    Russian Vehicles = buff! buff! buff!
    any OTHER Nation = nerf! nerf then fuk nerf it again!

    WG Russian bullshit Company
    but ~ give us your Euro monies please please please brg you

    ** you guys are fuk STUPID if you give any money to WG
    they just fuk u up the ass with a big Smile

  5. Was almost getting interested in the STA-2 again but luckily Wargaming managed to fix this interest rather fast by nerfing it into oblivion again.
    Engine power is not the problem of Tier 8 mediums in generally, it\’s their huge DPM drop compared to both Tier 7 and Tier 9 mediums.
    They get a LOT less DPM for no good reason what-so-ever.

  6. NOT BAD !

    slowly but nicely…just GET RID OF P2W !

    thats the way ! GJ WG !

    finally premium tanks looks again like are suposed to be ! worse than elited counterparts !


      1. theres no nerf snice this tank is not buffed yet

        some proposed buffs are just canceled, thats all

        1. And the overpowered premiums still exist, so good luck facing any of those in your ‘balanced’ premium.

          Too be honest prems should be better than stocks worse than elited and somewhere inbetween those balues to make them interesting, or better in some aspects but far worse in other plus any gimmicks.

          But wargaming decided that was too good of an idea for long term play so droppdd that out of the window asap. Sad because i actually liked playing this game.

          1. well..thats what i sad above…except that idea to fix them

            like i said, because there are some imbecile tanks doesnt mean that game must be destroyed 100% by making all of them retard p2w

            how you just said is exactly how it should be…and most important…HOW IT REALLY WAS !

  7. DPM never was the problem for the STA2. Gunhandling and pen are pretty good too, maybe the base accuracy should get a bit better. It also has awesome HEAT pen.

    It always was to slow for the armor it has. It\’s sluggish on soft terrain and going up slopes. If a tank is poorly armored, it should be able to save it\’s own ass with mobility.

    1. The DPM was slashed by quite a bit when it received the competitive pen, so DPM was actually a problem.

      1. So was the DPM on the panther II when it recieved the high pen gun. DPM has become too high on tier 8 I feel, on the caernarvon especially. It should have retained its old gun stats and maybe increase the DPM to 2k maximum. Right now the tank is stupid, it has worse pen and gun handling than before but more alpha and much more DPM, they destroyed what made the tank unique. I take gun handling and pen any day over stupid alpha buff and DPM buff on a support HT.

        I really hope the cancell the buffs on the indien panzer as well, it doesn\’t need 250 alpha and 218mm pen, it needs a tad better gun handling thats it. Or more likely they need to nerf tanks like progetto and t-44 and all its clones and super tardshing.

        1. no they shouldnt
          game is already overtuned in terms of speed, thats why we have 3-5 mins game and 15-5 / 15-0 on majority of them. + completely throws away the remaining realism wich it have

          all due to speeds buff…gunhandling – tanks dont aim amymore just snap
          tanks dont stop to fire, just wigle
          they dont flank..just PRESS 2 !

          thats not a TANK GAME anymore….

          so no, theres no need for more stabilization

  8. I am glad they cancelled the buffs to the sta-2. They should cancell all buffs and instead nerf some tanks that don\’t fit in the game. Who cares about armor on tier 8 MTs anyways, they should have no armor what so ever against same tier MTs, IF they have a good gun like the sta-2 has. The T44 and all its clones are unbalanced and bad for the game, they have better turret armor and side armor than some tier 9 HTs FFS!

  9. I guess it will continue gathering dust. It\’s extremely boring and I hardly ever see it anymore.

  10. was waiting for them to cancel a change that made sense . there so dumb . The devs are killing there own game . They refuse to change and if they do its not what the players want. Like making the leopard a better snap shooting tank by buffing its dispersion during turret rotation but nerfing its accuracy while its fully aimed in and SNIPING. Also it is a paper tank so lets reduce its reverse speed and hp to make it easier to kill. Lets not change the amx 30b nerfs that we did a bit back that made it the least played tier ten and decide to not fix the amx 30bs pen and accuracy nope we will cancel those changes and do it to ANOTHER tank like the stb 1 , poor stb 1 is going to be food for arty.

  11. WTF are you talking about? You got absolutely everything in your comment totally wrong. Typical for WoT players, I suppose, but still. And after shit like this I get flak for telling people they have cognitive problems.

    1. Yeah sure, he\’s got everything wrong, while you are right in everything … And when you humbly point out the immaculate superiority of your argument people are having a go at you? How very dare they!

      Bit full of yourself, aren\’t you. Has it ever occurred to you the person with the cognitive problems might be yourself? Just asking.

  12. Well……..let’s see how it ends shall we? I really want a bit of love for my loved STA2 but this is not what I wanted The tank had awesome DPM before the pen was increased to CDC level Why not bring it back? Or alternative could be add a soft version of the 105s that use from tier 9 upwards? I would not like it but that’s an idea Hope to see changes for the better ofc

  13. Typical greed from the WG cunts:
    step 1 lets announce some buffs to some well liked tank but underplayed
    step 2 players buy the tank that will be buffed
    step 3 WG cunts cancel the buffs

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