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  1. Looking good. Too bad I won\’t get it. I finally gave up for frontline. And I\’ll probably be unable to do the ranked battles grind too if it requires as much time…

        1. Of course, he’s awesome and reached the highest prestige level in FL on both his free to play account and his main one and the month FL hasn’t even started yet! This dude is awesome!

            1. Stop making multiple accounts and praise yourself, we know you are good Quickybaby, but stop making multiple accounts and post how awesome you are. FFS

  2. I doubt this will be Frontline reward tank because WG said that it will be completely new tank, and Obj. 777 V. II is in the files for years.
    If they picked completely new tank, my main thought is Kpz.-70 (MBT-70) because it isn\’t in the files, completely new tank which is already in WOT Blitz as a Tier IX tank, and it had hydropneumatic feature in real life.

  3. May have been in the files for years, but it\’s still technically new since it\’s unreleased. Also, it was recently downtiered AFAIK.

    Forget about MBT-70, it probably will never come to WoT PC.

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