0 thoughts on “Object 430 & Object 777 Comparison

    1. Don\’t be fooled by the stat card, 132 mm isn\’t the thickest part on the frontal hull plus the 132 mm part is angled at 70°

            1. the armor values seem the same as the old version (Tier 10 HT)
              at tanks.gg IF you angle it by just 20º (angle at wich the gun is directly above the front end of the track) it becomes highly effective at sidescraping, the side becomes 300+mm effective and the lower front plate (only frontal weakspot) becomes mostly 250+mm effective and sloped by 50º
              so yeah, there are easy ways to protect your only weakspot (from the front)

  1. That mostly shows us that the 430 is overpowered. Doesn\’t tell much about the 277. It looks okay, not too strong but not bad either, we\’ll need to see the armor profile.

  2. Since the 777 is a heavy tank, why isn\’t it being compared to the 257 or T10 instead of the 430? Other than to show the armor difference between the two I\’m guessing.

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