1.5 – Urban Clan Style Pictures

Available by participating in the 11th CW Season of the Global Map. Available for winter, summer and desert maps. Important: If the style has been applied to a tank, it can be removed later, but it can only be re-applied on this vehicle.


3 thoughts on “1.5 – Urban Clan Style Pictures

  1. yea wargaming keep adding 5 times the amount of styles for a select few maybe 10 percent of all players. Clan wars has gotten probably 5 times the styles and its really unfair to the other 90 percent of players. Wargaming just complained on there stream that it takes 3 months to make one style yet they are willing to keep making them for a select few players instead of focusing on the bigger group who want new styles that they will pay for . The huge problem in wot they cater to the elite so much its driving away the other 90 percent of players.

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