Supertest: FV1066 Senlac

Today marks the start of the Supertest for a new Premium British Tier VIII light tank: the Senlac.
What’s so special about it? Quite a few things:

  1. The turret of this vehicle is at the rear, yet it’s a well-rounded light tank with a top forward speed of 65 km/h and a top reverse speed of 23 km/h.
  2. The Senlac’s gun has good armor penetration (189 mm with a basic round), small aiming time (1.8 seconds), and decent stabilization. Still, this tank cannot excel as a sniper because of low accuracy (the dispersion is 0.42 m at 100 meters’ distance).
  3. The Senlac’s HE shells deal 280 points of damage. They have 90 mm of armor penetration, making the Brit a real scourge of enemy vehicles with thin armor. The HE shells fired by the Senlac travel at the same speed as basic rounds (1020 meters per second) which means they are way faster than HE shells of other tanks.

Gameplay-wise, the Senlac is much like the HWK 30. At the beginning of a battle, you can act as an effective active spotter (provided that even faster vehicles aren’t present in your team). By the battle’s end (with enemy light tanks already back in their Garages) you can get more aggressive.
The Senlac has a crew of three.
Please take note that the vehicle’s stats aren’t yet final and may change depending on the test results.
Follow the news and good luck in your battles!

0 thoughts on “Supertest: FV1066 Senlac

  1. Nice. Any information if the tier 10 will have any special “flavours” or just be a classical light tank? 🙂

  2. Yes, I’m fully aware everything may change, as it’s only a supertest. But with these stats it looks very bad. It’s neither fast, nor does it have good view range or even decent firepower and the gun doesn’t look reliable either. Unless it’s super sneaky and has amazing gun stabilisation then it’s totally not worth getting.

  3. for a light tank with a top speed of under 70kph, and under 390 VR, this gun isnt that good. other 90mm guns have 240 alpha, like the even 90 and GF. GF hesh has 105 pen. this thing should have 95 pen, 220 alpha and 340 HESH

  4. British Guns most usually have Good accuracy to very good accuracy with high penetration and average alpha
    You can see the Ruskie WOT Developers have been on the Vodka and glue sniffing again .. all in the name of ‘balance & gameplay
    Shit is the first thing rgat comes to mind
    until you see the total fiction bullshit USSR LT 432
    deadly accurate AND a Russian Gun straight from the local blacksmiths shop!
    with class leading Bullshit Stalium armour
    )) of course now the French LT Wheeled Vehicles are here doing 90kph and deadly accurate at 80/ 90kph with ‘bullshit VSTAB always’ ~ all other LT’s are all obsolete anyway now
    Its a Russian game by Belarusians quite obviously

    1. This
      I just compared the stats with our LT-432
      For the same alpha damage the stats are completely off:
      LT-432 – 4.58s – 0.36m
      Senlac – 6s – 0.42m
      This doesn’t make sense. The Senlac has no armour, same VR, worse gun and mobility, when it clearly needs it when compared to the Soviet. Everything else is -s-u-b-standard for an LT.
      Again another LT capped at a mere 65km/h, “compensated” by having a high P/W. More fodder and silver/XP piñatas for camping TDs and Staliner-guided shells.
      Then again it’s not Russian, is it? And WG’s disdain for both LT and UK has been showing for quite some time. They just added insult to injury as always.
      One could say that… “the vehicle isn’t even finished, let’s not panic yet”. Experience has shown time and time and time again, what they refer to as “supertest” seldom ever has its stats changed after the first iteration.
      If this is a premium tank, don’t bother. Cromwell B is a much suited machine since it will not see Stage IIs and Type 5s while actually being able to do the same job and more in its Tier.

        1. While this may be true, you rarely see those nowadays. “New Tank Syndrome” for that vehicle is over already.
          And let’s face it: “one of the most OP is British” is preferable than “Most OP are RASJA”.

          1. Rule, Britannia! Britannia, rule the waves!
            Britons never, never, never shall be slaves.

  5. Brit light tanks, GREAT ! Light tanks, MOAR !
    Idea: At tier 5, there is no ”very high” view range light tank.
    I bet the tier 5 Brit tech tree light tank will have 370 view range.


  7. If the camo values are good enough (like, among the best in tier) then maybe it has some use, otherwise these stats are uninspiring.

  8. There is ALWAYS a faster tank for spotting enemy first. They are called russian tanks, heavy ones, medium ones, light tank ones. This thing at tier 8 would barely beat out a T34-85M from tier 6 to forward spotting positions.

  9. Seb,you haven’t answered to my last post and message on facebook.I found 2 tanks in game files…

  10. >”new Premium British Tier VIII light tank”
    Even so, for a premium, stats seriously do not look that good. There are way better tier 8 scouts in the game. And high P/W ratio doesn’t matter much when we have French Formula cars…
    I guess the only thing going for the tank is that it’s the first British LT in the game (from what I know)… Which doesn’t even look good stats-wise. (Well, I suppose at least penetration is kinda decent?..) You’re still better off buying a Panhard Premium Car or a Stalinium-432– I mean LT-432.

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