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  1. Nice bribe WG. More drugs for the shills on the forum who will ignore you’re not able to actually balance the game. None of the unishills would have any of their stats if it wasn’t for premium ammo and premium accounts.

    1. So since this idiot is still pretending to be me, I’m just going to put this here once:
      If you click on the avatar image, and look at the URL, you will see that the guy pretending to be me is called “fightingfalconnintythree”, while the actual me is called “fightingfalcon93”. Without an “_” because WordPress doesn’t allow it in their usernames.
      And a note to TAP: This guy is trying to cause a mess here just because he wants to get me banned. Appearently his whole idea is to spam as much as possible, triggering me into getting into a fight with him, until you grow tired of it and ban me. How you decide to handle that spamming troll is up to you, but I just want you to know that it’s not me, I’m not here to ruin your blog.
      And btw thanks for the bonus code πŸ™‚

      1. The guy you claim is Long_Range_Sniper has a URL of L0ng_Range_Sniper so if that isn’t you then he isn’t him. So it must be you.

        1. I understand that you’re not very smart, so I will explain it for you. A person that isn’t reading this blog, doesn’t get annoyed by someone else posting in his name, because he doesn’t know about it. You took my bait like a hungry fish, and now you’re trying to cover it up, because you’re to scared to post all this shit when people actually know who you are. I’m simply going to ignore you from now on, just like I did on both the forum and ingame, and that will propably cause even more butthurt, so please, be gentle with your keyboard.

          1. A guy so stupid and toxic he’s banned from the WoT forum, and trolls WG staff here because of it, accuses others of being butthurt. TAP should just ban all of you trolls and give us some peace.

            1. Clearly you have no idea what you’re talking about, so why open your mouth? I wasn’t banned because of toxicity, I was banned because I didn’t sit silent when eekeeboo removed posts that shouldn’t be removed.

              1. A guy does his job, on his company forum, by their rules, that you can’t follow, and you troll him here. Then you do all these posts ruining TAP for everyone. 100% butthurt clearly. Reading your posts on here just shows how toxic you must be there, so trying to deny it is laughable.

                1. Doing his job? Yeah, definitely. Removing posts that doesn’t break any rules, misunderstanding simple questions, denying the obvious. Sounds just like the job description of a community manager. Anyhow, this is none of your business, so we can stop discussing this.

                  1. You really are a butthurt piece of work buddy. You come on a public forum trolling a guy from WG and then get more butthurt. It’s pretty obvious why you got banned, and the fact you post in public then try and claim it’s none of our business shows how pathetic you’re being. If you didn’t want it to be our business, don’t post on a public forum. You made it our business. We would never have known if it wasn’t for your actions. Unless it is true and all these posts are just fakes to make the real faclon out to be a douche. Why not take back all your comments with an apology to eekeeboo and start again, or deal with it.

                    1. LOL! Apology to eekeeboo? For what? LMAO that’s the funniest thing I’ve heard all day. You’re litteraly asking me to be an asslicker? I take my time, for FREE, writing feedback and suggestions on the forum, eekeeboo treats me like shit, but it’s ME that should apologize? Nope. I might apology to the WG EU team for all the mess, but I will be very clear to exclude eekeeboo from that apology list. And for your information, not all of these posts are mine. I explained above how you can see which posts are from me, and which ones are not. Now if you think that I should have sit silent or not is just your opinion, and sorry, but I don’t agree, and I will never sit silent when I feel that something is wrong.

                  2. If you don’t want to apologise to a guy for trolling him in public for doing his job, that’s down to who you are as a person. What you said was pretty horrible, and if someone said that to me for just doing my job I’d feel pretty bad. Why not apologise to TAP readers for bringing your butthurt crusade to TAP then? You did say it’s none of our business.

                    1. Which part of “not doing his job” didn’t you understand?
                      And what readers do you want me to apologise to? I’ve not offended anyone that hasn’t offended me, thus no opology required.
                      How about you mind your own business, and I mind my own business, and let’s stop spamming this comment section even further?

                    2. You explained how two posts come from two different accounts. That doesn’t explain how they’re not both from you. As you’re the one trolling here from the start why should we believe you?

                    3. You don’t need to believe me, I honestly don’t give a fuck πŸ™‚

                    4. Fair enough man. I’m offended you use a public forum for your schoolyard squabbles. But if you don’t want to apologise then just accept you’re coming across as a massive douche. I can say that cos I’m offended right? Enjoy

                    5. If that’s your conclusion of the situation, then let me be a douche. Problem fixed πŸ™‚

            2. Just send a PM
              to Jigabachi and he’ll tell you all about it. How he got Falcon banned and on which grounds.

  2. ^^ This is not me ^^ I am clever enough to not try and claim it’s not me because of some URL rubbish or that a particular name is reserved for anyone, anywhere on the internet. I always use the name rather than the number because it increases the digits. I’ve never mentioned banning, and you’ve every right to post on TAP under your own name.

  3. Hi everyone,
    I just wanted to make clear that I’m not being sacked. It’s just some rumour, completely untrue.
    falcon still looks as butthurt as he did on the forum.
    Thanks and happy hunting!

  4. I’d just like to say that I’m sorry this got out of hand. I posted stuff about WG which I still believe was correct, although I shoudn’t have said some things. I’m actually a nice guy IRL but I just let things get on top of me. Out of respect for TAP and fellow WoT players I will no longer post on TAP. Any posts you see from now on will be fakes.

        1. When in doubt, just click my avatar image and check the URL, if it says “fightingfalcon93” then it’s me, anything else is not me πŸ˜‰

  5. The way you are behaving I honestly thought you must be some important streamer or WoT celebrity. You’re just a bot with a grudge. GG

    1. Considering all the haters, one could indeed class me along those lines. Celebrities have quite a lot of haters aswell. You see getting some people so butthurt that they do all this just because of a “random player”, well, then you’re not a “random player” anymore. GG indeed.

  6. Is everyone on AP now a retarded troll? Posting crap about URL’s to prove their WoT accounts. All you need to do is post a screenshot from your WoT account with today’s combat intelligence page on screen. Or post a replay where you’re typing in a pre-determined phrase into chat that only the real person can do. If it’s on the replay, and it’s posted by that person and the replay is linked here as a hidden replay then ONLY that person can do it. If you think someone’s a fake then message them in game and tell them someone is posting on AP with their name.. Otherwise stfu and stop throwing your juvenile butthurt allegations around, and let the grownups discuss WoT.

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