0 thoughts on “World of Tanks Premium Account: Friendlier, Handier, Easier!

  1. “Completing these missions will bring you Credits, Bonds and more.”
    “We will never sell bonds for money.”

        1. But you still have to pay for the special premium time to be able to access the bond mission

          1. Or you can play the rank battles/tier9,10 as everyone else does? Brain tumour much?

                1. I think that your choice of wording here is a bit misleading. You should replace “care” with “good”. And then it becomes appearent that not everyone can get good enough to earn “plenty” of gold from clan activities. If everyone got good, then there wouldn’t be any good players anymore, since they would now be considered average relative to the competition. Thus, using clan activites as an argument to deny that gold is a form of paying is very wrong.

                    1. That’s not the point. With that logic P2W is non-existant because “everyone can just get a job”. Suddenly it’s required to have a job in order to play the game. Then we might aswell purchase the game right from the start. And why does my intuition tell me that you’re not the real SgtYester?

                  1. Da fuk? Get ur internet free from the government do you, Who da fuk pays for them.They’re right. U are one huge fuckin whiner. Poor cunts livin with da moms and dads are the only ones who should be cryin.

                    1. I need to pay for my housing mortgage and my food aswell, you need to pay for your doctor, that still isn’t relevant when talking about whether a game is P2W or not. Then again I wonder why I expected you to understand that.

                    1. Please, share with us, a single clan that doesn’t consist of good players, and that get “plenty” of gold from clan activities?

    1. I don’t think it will be a big issue, but I do think that bonds should be a reward for skill or commitment. Not for pulling the creditcard out of your wallet.

  2. Sounds great. It would be even better if you pay for playtime instead of days. I don’t want my premium time to expire when I’m not playing.

  3. “Applicable modifier to XP”
    I think the better way to go would be to have WOT PA be a constant x3 for first battle and adjusted for special weekends/holidays (ie x3 weekends would be x4 for WOT PA, x5 would be x6)
    Make personal reserves usable for X number of matches instead of 1 hour, 2 hours, etc with WOT PA.

  4. Sounds interesting, and I’m glad that WG are exploring new ways to bring in money that doesn’t involve spamming overpowered premium tanks each week. However, I’m not sure if 2 blacklisted maps for paying players is the right way to go. If we think that a player has a set of maps that acts like a hindrance to this players playstyle or played tank, then it can be seen as allowing this player to blacklist more of the “bad” maps will yeild the player a slightly better winrate. That is more or less an aspect of P2W. They should give the same amount of banned map slots to all players, regardless of standard or premium account.

    1. In theory you are right. However, I don’t think it will affect the winrate of premium players in a significant way. Besides, I think it will shift the meta a bit. You will encounter more heavies on citymaps and less arty. If I will be grinding heavies, I will blacklist prok and malinovka. If I’m grinding lights, I will be blacklisting Ensk and Paris. Pigs will blacklist Himmelsdorf. I think that will even things out.

    2. i prefer to slots. if you play arty, lights, meds or heavy some maps sucks. amd you are able to switch for your tank you wanna use. it is although usefull for the team.
      and I dont agree with p2w it is more like p2 progress.
      i pay get fast progress and maps I like.

  5. cool, but there better be a hefty amount of mission, or at least the rewards

  6. Hi everyone,
    I just wanted to say that I haven’t been sacked and are still working to give you the best player experience.
    Thank you and happy hunting

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            1. You, Falcon, has a special place in our Dinger hearts. Always the number one player to focus and spam gold at! I hope I can frag you again, it was far too easy but fun!

  7. Its definitely interesting. I can tell, for such a low price (10e/moth) u will get A LOT – if u play every day, im rly surprised TBH.

  8. Few questions:
    3.Should I buy a year of prem now for xmas gold to get double prem?

  9. I play a lot of planes as well as ships, so now WG thinks that I will pay premium for all 3? Good riddance, typical idiot move from greedygaming! I will sue these stupids for every penny they have. Contacting my lawyer right away.

    1. Most of the players are invested in only one WG game, so why would they need premium acc for all games? If you don’t have any life you can play all 3 games and get universal premium acc, if you want to.

    2. Nice name there Long Range. I’ve only played one game of warplanes ever so it’s a shame I’ll not see you there.

      1. How nice to see that Long_Range_Sniper is also reading this blog. What are the odds that Rupolsky is also reading this blog? And I wouldn’t be surprised if lukas8778 reads this blog aswell. What an interesting coincidence…

        1. Does this falcon guy derail every World of Tanks site on the internet with his agenda? Please take him back on the forum, because now he’s going to ruin AP for us.

          1. Then maybe you can stop shitposting so much?
            You know they say that the purpose of life is to learn stuff. Even you, regardless of how stupid you are, have learned me that there’s no point in having a discussion with people like you. That’s why you went onto my forum blacklist, and that’s why I’ll ignore you here aswell.

  10. These people at WG are killing their game, literally. Selling missions for bonds? And another excluded map? GG WP wargaming. This has to stop.

    1. Not sure if….no, I’m sure. This right here kids is what you call a “full blown retard”. Too bad to be a troll but too stupid to be normal.

      1. Would you look at that. How nicley you were able to describe yourself regardless of the fact that you have 3 braincells. Was someone helping you, or were you just lucky when you rolled your head on the keyboard?

            1. Dont be mad at everyone else that you’re a poor shitter and mommy won’t let you spend her money on the game.

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                  1. And I’m warning you all, don’t fk with me. My one and only rule!

  11. The amount of Cunts defending Premium Bonds is way too high. It seems these people dont understand that with such mechanics new players and F2P-players will be chased away and WoT NEEDS new players and F2P-players or the game will die even faster as it already is…
    But what do i know… i bet these cunts are happy paying WG money to compensate for their lack of skill.
    Also i bet the Cunt-Legion will be happy when the servers are only inhabitated by P2W-inbreeds and waiting time for matches will be 3+ minutes (because nobody is playing except for the inbreeds)

    1. The whole concept of WoT premium account is pretty good, but those premium exclusive bonds missions should not be there. Those should be available for everyone. I completely agree with that.
      And yes, WoT needs to invest in improving the F2P experience, especially on the lower tiers.

    2. The amount of poor people crying that they cant afford Premium is way too high. It seems these people dont understand that with a job getting premium is possible. WoT NEEDS new players or the game will die even faster as it already is…
      But what do i know… i bet these cunts are happy they are poor and make no money to compensate for their lack of skill.
      Also i bet the Cunt-Legion will be happy when the servers are only inhabitated by those with jobs and waiting time for matches will be less than a minute because anything said other wise is by poor idiots who are clueless.

      1. Nothing fixed here… If you dont understand my point about needing F2P-players too then u are part of the problem inbreed!
        P.S.: Just for your information: the amount of F2P-player is outwighting the inbreeds by 2to1 when the F2P-player are gone whats left then? Thats the moment you inbreeds realise that you cant sealclub anymore…

      2. Nothing fixed here… you are part of the problem i guess. When all F2P-players are gone who you gonna sealclub then inbreed?

  12. The problem here is that once again a great players fail to see the games problems from the perspective of an average player. THEY can afford to shoot premium ammo, buy new tanks, buy new equipment, and still have a surplus in credits, but that’s not the case for other players. WG ave no idea how this game feels for average players, in their dreamworld bubble everyone is able to play as well unicum players.. Lack of credits? Pffft what’s that, right?

    1. And again, ^ that’s not me.
      But thanks a lot for posting it, you took my bait like a little fish. Hi, Highly_Retarded_Sniper. I knew that you where pathetic, but I didn’t think you where THAT pathetic. Go do something decent with your life.

  13. And again, ^ that’s not me.
    I have had arguments on the forum and I don’t like many of the people there who post, including the moderators, But I’ve never resorted to calling people retards or spastics so you can tell he’s a fraud.

    1. Do you realise that people can see your actual username by clicking on the avatar image?
      Besides your avatar image is not properly aligned, use a color subtraction next time.
      I guess thinking is not your strong side, just trolling like a stupid idiot?

      1. You did notice that the guy you’re trolling is called L0ng_Range_Sniper with a zero didn’t you?

  14. I really don’t know which if these morons is more stupid? The troll or the guy replying to the troll.

        1. Don’t be hard on the guy, he’s everyone’s number 1 target to spam gold at! Just look at his embarrassing and low stats!

  15. The total humiliation of Falcon in the thread is amusing! I’m glad his low popularity on WG forums are as embarrassingly low here as well!

  16. Highly_Retarded_Sniper getting even more desperate now when he doesn’t get any answers from me 😀 *THAT* is amusing 😀

  17. ^^ This is not me ^^ It’s just the usual WG shills trying to make me look stupid. I don’t care that I have been banned from the forum for a year, so I miss all this immature behavior.

  18. The whole forum knows that LRS owns falcon every time he posts his usual rubbish. If the Dingers were going to own falcon on here then which name would be perfect to get falcon pissed? What’s desperate is that he is going to spammed with gold in every game there’s a Dinger in a team.

    1. Jajaja trying to cover your ass now with another story? AMUSING 😀
      And btw I already get spammed by premium ammo quite often so I’m pretty sure I won’t see any difference anyhow. And eventually WGs premium ammo rework will come so then you need to use that potato on your shoulders before smashing your head on the 2 key :*
      Well, back to me ignoring you. If you still have nothing better to do, by all means, continue trolling, I honestly don’t care anymore. You’re just a noise in the background.

          1. Click on the avatar image, then on the XML link:
            Real Falcon: 155791868
            Fake Falcon: 155851886
            You’re indeed not fooling anyone anymore.

        1. Awww poor little LRS, are you still bitter that I won and you didn’t in the Dingers Quiz even though you were the first poster? So now you’re trying to make me angry at the Dingers? Not going to work 😀

          1. Click on the avatar image, then on the XML link:
            Real Falcon: 155851886
            Fake Falcon: 155791868
            You’re indeed not fooling anyone anymore.
            Sad but predictable.

            1. Now people know how to distinguish me from LRS, they can check for themselves, I think pretty much everyone knows that I spell my name with “93” and not “ninetythree”, so honestly I don’t care anymore. Troll away little idiot 😀
              And no answer to the Dingers Quiz post? Hmm, poor troll :/

              1. I’ve never spelled my account details with 93, just my account names. If you knew anything about IT you’d know why. Just another pathetic attempt. I may be banned from the WG forum but you can’t get me banned from here with your fake reports.

                1. Hmm didn’t know that WoT forum had separate account name and account detail. You’re not very clever, are you? 😀

                  1. My account name is the same as my WoT forum name. Nice try troll, I won’t be replying to any more of your sad and deluded posts.

  19. ^^ This is not me ^^ My major disagreement with how the game is ruined is premium ammo. I’ve explained this so many times that I gasp everytime I have to write it again. It’s horrible design to give players with a high credit count advantages in battle, while players with a shortage on credits have to play with disadvantages. This is the major reason why premium ammo is seen as a contributor to P2W. Not to mention that premium ammo also creates a mess when balancing tanks, as a tank balanced against standard ammo will melt like butter when someone press their 2-key, and a tank balanced against premium ammo will bounce everything when shot by standard ammo. They should completely remove the premium ammo concept and instead add all ammo types as standard ammo, where all ammo types cost the same and have strong advantages/disadvantages. I understand that gold ammo is a trademark of the Dingers but trolling me for my opinions is just showing your clan to be nothing more than the shills you are.

  20. This TAP item is clearly just one guy trolling TAP. Nobody with an IQ above a fish would do all these posts or bother replying.

  21. This is about the dumbest thing ive seen. The only thing that the cross-game premium thing does is occasionally have me play WoWS. I guess Ill just stop playing their other dumb game. Unintended consequences i guess…..

  22. what say you WG of players who have stacked up 500 days or more of premium account already, that solely use it for WoT?.
    Any compensation for those dirty grubby bastards who do NOTHING for the game?.

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