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This video is a shortened presentation of a new gaming platform by Google: Stadia. As TAP is WOT related blog, this is not supposed to be here, but as our readers are gamers and this might be the future of WOT, I’ve decided to include this content.

Google's Stadia Announcement at GDC 2019 in Under 14 MinutesGoogle’s Stadia Announcement at GDC 2019 in Under 14 Minutes

When or shall we ever play WOT on Stadia?

6 thoughts on “NOT related to WOT – Google Stadia

  1. Visible input lag. There’s no getting around this no matter how hard they try to take your money.

  2. seems sketchy, this will only bring obstacles for the average free consumer if this is the new future for gaming.

  3. works well with single player games I guess, I’ve no idea how are they gonna make this work on online competitive multiplayer where players spend an extra grand just to shave off 20ms input lag

  4. I have been playing stadia for a year now, I bought in at the very beginning.
    You don’t need insane low ping or massive data for it to perform well.
    Latency is is about the same as an xbox pad when used wirelessly with an xbox, this has been tested by digital foundry.
    I myself have 100mb per second download speed with typical ping on broadband, my family of 6 have an average of 10 connected devices pretty much all the time.
    Performance is realy good, I often finish top player on both teams playing destiny pvp so the theory game breaking lag exists is unfounded.
    If you have unlimited broadband there are no data cap issues at all, I game a lot and have run Into no issues with my provider.
    Just some real world feedback for you guys rather than conjecture.

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