Supertest News: Kharkov map

Greetings Tankers! The final Supertest stage for the Kharkov map is about to start. We’ve already made our choice regarding the exact prototype that will most likely see release.This is an enlarged (1000 x 1000 meters) version with the open area significantly reworked. The map has also been rotated by 45 degrees (relative to the previous variant), becoming vertical-aligned instead of diagonal-aligned. This creates well-pronounced flanks to suit different vehicle types.

 • The city blocks and the central square: We tried to keep the familiar gameplay setup intact here. This zone is for heavily armoured vehicle clashes, and for races to take good positions in the square. Still, new elements are present too: embrasures, barricades, ‘balconies’ at block exits (accessible from one side), etc.

• The central part of the map is a new zone. It features an anti-tank moat by the city edge, craters formed by explosions, and small fields. The moat is to keep players from fast and unchecked crossing from this zone to the city and back. You may use the moat to encroach on the enemy base and to light up foes but be warned—it’s a dangerous route as you may face opponents head-on here with an overwhelming force. The central zone suits fast and manoeuvrable vehicles able of mobility-, camo and terrain-based play.

• The western part of the map is hilly, with a few destructible covered positions. It agrees well with mobile vehicles, and those able to snipe. Taking this zone means controlling almost the entire map, with an option to sneak up on the enemy from behind. During the coming Supertest we plan to make the final estimate of the new Kharkov’s playability and introduce some limited balance changes if needed. The following stage will deal with polishing the look of the map, and after that, we’ll hit the short and straight road to release.

Good Luck and Good Hunting! eek. 

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