Supertest: 🇸🇪 EMIL I Full Changes

EMIL I. Parameters:

Tier: HT-8, Sweden, standard
HP: 1 400
Engine: 380 hp   430 hp
Mass: 28,80 t
Maximum load: 32,00 t
Power-to-weight: 13,19 hp / t   14,93 hp / t
Max speed / Min speed: 50 / -16 km / h
Hull turning speed: 30 °/s   28 °/s
Turret turning speed: 20,9 °/s
Terrain resistance values: 1,151 / 1,247 / 2,014
View range: 360 m
Radio range: 850 m

Hull armor: 100 / 20 / 30 mm
Turret armor: 180 / 35 / 20 mm

Gun: 10,5 cm TK 105-9

Alpha Damage: 360 / 360 / 470   360 / 360 / 460
Penetration: 217 / 242 / 53 mm
Rate of fire: 6,312   5,55 rounds/minute
Damage per minute: 2 272,3   1 997,9
Rounds in magazine: 4 rds.   3 rds.
Reload time between shots: 3,0 s
Complete reload time: 22,517 s   26,434 s
Accuracy at 100 m: 0,364
Aiming time: 3,07 s
Depression/Elevation: -12 ° / +15 °

Number of rounds in magazine: 52 rds.   57 rds.


Crew (3): Commander, Driver, and Gunner

Aim spread:

after firing: 3,836;
during the rotation of the turret: 0.153;
while the vehicle is in motion: 0,24   0,249;
during vehicle rotation: 0,24   0,249;
during turret rotation at the maximum speed: 3.07;
at the maximum vehicle speed: 11,99   12,47;
at the maximum vehicle rotation speed: 7,19   6,98.

Camouflage values:

fixed tank camouflage: 11.5%;
tank camouflage when in motion: 5.7%;
camouflage of an immobile tank when shooting: 2.28%;
camouflage of the tank shooting while in motion: 1.13%.

29 thoughts on “Supertest: 🇸🇪 EMIL I Full Changes

        1. the biggest issue for EMIL was gun handing. It coudn’t hit its shells. Now it is even worse so yeah buff my ass

    1. Agreed- I thought it was a typo! Better engine but what the hell did they do to the gun! Good job Swedish mediums coming, I can move crews from the Heavies and sell them off. No point in keeping them.

  1. Good changes with the increase in speed and giving 3 rounds, makes it different.
    They should do the same thing to the tier 9 at 10, just also buff the pen to 317.

    1. yes comrad….very different will be from Emil 51 wich also have 3 rounds loader and a bit better mobility but KEEPS all other decent stats like dispersions

      thats a fuckin puke served on a restaurant (wot) to idiot customers (wot players) wich get it just because its in a restaurant, not a rebalance

  2. This is still in the super test guys, they will HOPEFULLY realize how shit is the gun handling. Also we have another chance in the public test.

    1. You mean realize like the Obj 268-4, Super Conq, Obj 430-U …? I think it won’t happen, they have absolutely no idea what they are doing.

      1. why is the 430U hull side a triangle and not solid, the cupole 330mm and aimtime 2.2

  3. Dear god, it’s pretty much as bad as it is now with a bit more alpha…..

    Should not even bother touching it if this is what they are going to do.

  4. Tragic dpm and gun handling. Also buff turret traverse ffs! The fatal flaw of this tank is its not russian

  5. The alpha damage inflation, and also armour inflation, must halt.

    90% of current content in game does NOT need more alpha damage to make it balanced or ‘interesting’.
    It needs SIMPLE tweaks to things, in case of these Swedish heavies, things like gun handling

    Alpha and armour inflation as a mean to make content interesting must stop, it creates more imbalances than balance.

    Especially with WG already is god damn slower than an elderly snail’s reputation of balancing/tweaking content in a timely manner.

  6. This was a wonderful tank in its original form. A ridge tank with Massive depression and a gum that just made it work. Not great in any other situation. This nerfs this tank into the ground.

  7. From this useless buff we can se what to expect from the other tanks that need rebalancing.

    IS-4 getting 460 alpha damage, nerfing some top speed.
    E-100 840 alpha, nerfing some dispersion and hull traverse
    Leopard buffing top speed + 5 km/h more just for lulz (coz of course otherwise would be too OP).

  8. How do you remove one shell from the magazine and make the reload even longer?! Did the guy who worked on this forget what he was doing halfway trough?!

    1. if you compare the stats to the actual status, you will notice, the alpha is higher now. the stats in the news is (unlucky) mixture of first supertest and second test …

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