11 thoughts on “Mercenaries: Tank auction results on the RU server

  1. someone spent 27k bonds for one tank after WG showed their sneak peak of the bond shop implying tier X tanks that would only cost a few thousand bonds ? Well then, I hope he got something truly amazing out of it…

  2. Great cheated players hear that 26k on a tank that will be between 5-9k bonds in bonds shop hahahah FAIL

    1. It’s not confirmed or even close to happening otherwise every CW player will riot against WG.

    1. you did not get it for free, first 10800 users got one of those 6 tanks by completing 5 games in CW + 4000 bonds, then, first 600 players with the highest bid won the tank they placed a bid on (minimum bid started from 5000 bonds)

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