Updated map pool for Strongholds

Hello Tankers!

Based on your feedback, which we collected, after the “Mercenaries” event, we decided to make some changes to the map pool in Stronghold mode. From February 20 these maps will be added, or removed from the rotation: (note, only the underlined ones are added, the rest are removed)

  • Tier VI:  Karelia, Prokhorovka, El Halluf, Studzianki, Overlord, Glacier
  • Tier VIII: Mannerheim Line, Minsk, Studzianki, Overlord, Pilsen,  Glacier
  • Tier X:  Mannerheim Line, Overlord
  • Advance (Landings):  Monastery, El Halluf, Overlord
  • Advance (Random Map):  El Halluf,  Westfield, Redshire, Live Oaks, Serene Coast

On February 20, another event will appear. You will be able to get 50% more industrial raw materials for playing Strongholds. Use the acquired resources to expand your fortresses, and get ready for the upcoming Global Map season!

Source: WoT EU Polish forums

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