Fair Play Policy Update: February 2019



Third-party programs that manipulate gameplay by granting an unfair advantage are not welcome in World of Tanks. We’ve come a long way in weeding out harmful mods since we started taking action against cheaters. Recently, we penalized 2,500 accounts for using prohibited software and banned another 963 permanently for habitually breaking the policy.


Recently, we’ve penalized 466 accounts for using prohibited software and banned another 215 permanently for habitually breaking the policy.


Since our last update regarding the Fair Play policy, we’ve penalized an additional 308 accounts for using prohibited software and banned another 90 permanently for habitually breaking the policy.

Cheaters Get Banned!

Getting flagged for using prohibited third-party software for the first time will result in a warning and a seven-day ban. Breaking the policy for the second time will end in a permanent ban. Please be careful of the modifications you are using, so if you are not sure if a mod is allowed or not, don’t download it to avoid the potential risk of losing an account you’ve built for years.

We’ll continue the fight to create a system as fair as possible. We also have an important message for you: ensuring fair play will always be our top priority. However, in the end, it takes two to squash the use of harmful mods: players and developers. Please stay away from illegal programs and help us create a great gaming environment! If you’d like a deeper understanding of what is considered cheating or exploiting in World of Tanks, head this way:

FAIR PLAY POLICY Important note: our fair play policy will soon be updated! Keep your eyes peeled!

To make it as easy as possible for you to find game mods that are safe to use, earlier this year we have launched the new version of the Mod Hub, where you can find modifications officially verified by Wargaming. Find more information in the announcement or visit the Mod Hub directly.

Let’s make World of Tanks fair for everyone!

21 thoughts on “Fair Play Policy Update: February 2019

  1. again, wg, release the names of people who were permanently banned. I still believe they are pulling these numbers out of their asses

    1. The amount of crying i read from players who got permabaned indicates the other

  2. Fuck Wargayming! I play for 4 years and spend 1650 euro for wot. In 2018 november I buy cheat form them for 3 month and I get banned still. Fuck all WG monkeys!

    1. LOL – Would be funny if purposely bastard cheaters lost that much money 😀

      1. Funny I lose my money from hard work? I will laugh too when you lose everything. WoT was only game made me fun. Now everything over. I’m telling police and television WG stole my money and account.

    2. You should try to talk to support. When I was banned I got opportunity to be unbaned if my acc got reset but keeping all things I payed real money for.

      1. Support said they don’t unban me because cheating. I said they sell me cheat and they still ban my account.

        1. Where exactly did WG sell you this cheat? I’m certain it wasn’t the premium shop or and other official WG site.

  3. WG is lying their ass off, every time it’s about the same number for temporary bans and permanent bans. It does not work, still impossible shots and impossible pens from shit guns with huge dispersion and no gun depression.

    Meanwhile I get banned from chat for calling out cheaters and alleged insults. And when I charge back through my bank for purchases of products sold by WG without providing all the info about their specs they lock my account.

    After that WG proceeds with blackmailing me to pay them back in order to give me back access to my account and all the other stuff I paid for. For now I am making progress with the EU agency that helps take care of customer rights, they have agreed that I have a good case.

    1. You are abusing the chargeback system of paypal or your bank which is highly ILLEGAL. Be happy that WG is only “blackmailing” you for the money you’ve stolen back form them instead of inviting you for a visit to the judge.

      You are either full of shit about the EU agency, you aren’t telling them all the information or they are as retarded as you are. I can’t wait to see you crying here that you’ve lost the case and you had to pay even more for WG and for the cost of the lawsuit.

  4. I have been using cheats since 2007 and never got a ban. These announcements from WarGayMing is bullcum. I pwn noobs like you with my aimbot and destruction mod.

    1. I use cheats (Tundra and Aimbot) in WoT and have never been caught. Their banwaves are completely bollocks and quite frankly laughable. I think at least 60% of all players are using cheats so it’s pretty normal and nothing to be ashamed of. It’s a good way to keep your winrate. Just look at Fluffy_is_GreatAgain, there was a noob player who posted YouTube videos of this player using cheats and nothing have happened to him. So it’s safe to use them.

  5. I have a feeling that they either didn’t warn/ban anyone in RU or they don’t want to admit how bad it is on RU server.

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