29 thoughts on “Frontlines Feedback

  1. They still need to make it easier to report and ban players that toss a fit because they dont like the play style or your playing so they then move in having a tantrum and pushing and bumping you all over the map . Because they are not having a good time doesnt mean the rest of us arnt .

  2. I gave them useful feedback about frontlines last year and they haven’t said anything about them. I’m not going to waste my time writing it down again for WG.

      1. funny…but on a serious note:i even lowered my graphic settings and it don’t help….any advice?

  3. The moment I learned how much it takes to earn a single prestige rank I was done with this gamemode. Never mind Progettos left and right breaking the game and most caps being extremely hard to defend, those are only the tip of the iceberg.

    1. The reward tanks price is outrageous. Need WOT as a full-time job, plus win all the time. Somehow randoms-mediocre me is kind off mostly winning and getting in top five, still you can’t play all day long and not to get bored and tired. WG should set more reasonable goals.

      1. “WG should set more reasonable goals.”

        They will not. We had a few marathons in WoWs where it was realistically possible for everyone (barring hardcore tomatoes) to win good prizes, but I have yet to see anything like that in WoT. And even then, it is in their best interest for us to deflate and just wait for stuff to be in the shop and buy it, to keep the freebies at the absolute minimum. Business and marketing crap and all that.

        And this time it’s especially nasty if you think about it – imagine those who burned themselves out with one week of Frontline, couple days later there should be the marathon for the EBR 75 so even more grinding.

        This is clearly unhealthy as far as gaming goes. It’s supposed to be a hobby.

  4. I’m just grinding 50% crews in premium tanks. Mostly afk. This way i do not ruin stats and can watch netflix while r-r-r and waiting for the countdown. It is not efficient, but it works and it generates credits, too.

  5. you gotta weigh up the time/ effort versus reward.

    That coupled with 400 ping to Hong Kong server with horrible lag for the last month straight, makes frontlines or any WoT battles a totally soul sucking experience.

    Most days random battles are less fun than a day of work, that place where I get PAID…

  6. Love it! Seems to be balanced for rewards as well. Anybody playing it can get the STA2 or WZ. If you put in more time you can get either the Emil or Tier9. And if you spend a lot of time you can get both.

    So many people post and don’t even understand that your progress is saved so you can end up at lvl 26 and will start at 26 next month. They also don’t get that the amount of points you get increase.

      1. played 2 days and im bored as fuck of it. 8 years and this the only thing new they ever managed to bring to the game thats worthy of “some time.” its cool tho, anthems coming out soon.

        1. You’re bored of Frontlines but excited to play the newest EA abortion? Are you insane?

      2. Lol, ok if “no-lifers” translate into family man with kids and that has to get up at 6.15 in the morning to commute to work and still easily will manage the grind you might have to ask yourself if you’re doing something wrong 🙂

    1. so..if someone know…on next episode our start will be directly on prestige where we finish now or we must grind first step again to unlock prestige starting?

      basically, in each episode we must grind 60 levels or only 30 ?

  7. Wg: “Here play this cool new mode that is actually moderately fun, not the same old crap over and over, youll even profit a heap of credits on top of it, AND you have the chance to earn 2 of 4 reward tanks!”

    Bad players: “Wahhh its too hard, Im not smart enough to figure the mode out, they arent giving the tanks away for zero effort”

    Its easy to prestige and you only have to do it 1 time per episode to get both the top reward tanks. Stop crying and learn to play so you can actually enjoy and play the free credits and tanks.

  8. I really doubt WG will listen to feedback, especially from EU. Compared to last year’s frontline they fixed almost nothing on the map.

  9. In both the previous frontline and this one, my goal remains the same- to simply play and grind some tier 8s. And its so much more pleasant to do this in frontline than the randoms if only because MM isn’t a factor, you don’t have to spam gold, and there’s no worries about stats- you can simply play for the hell of it.

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