Tank model – Still Life with Pear, 1/72 M1A2 SEP with Mine Plow

Kit by Flyhawk Models, magic by JandersUF

Dutch Masters, anyone? That is a regulation Pear for scale, if you are curious. And yes, VIBRANCE IS TURNED WAY UP KIDS. It goes to 11.

Hell yeah, let freedom ring! This is a braille scale (1/72) M1A2 with a mine plow

The fine detail on this kit was amazing. Flyhawk mostly produces 1/700 and smaller ships, but have a small line of armor kits. They are truly great, but you need a microscope.

The big mine plow is done in a standard NATO Green, and the tank itself is in the MERC sand scheme currently in use. I left the MG off the cupola… forgive me.

A little WIP view. This kit came with a ton of photo-etch… all the grills, the baskets on the back of the turret, multiple small details…

Speaking of small details, check out the microsurgery.


As mentioned, the plow was done in NATO green, with the best spraying airbrush paint in the business, MRP.

AK real Colors thinned with Mr Levelling Thinner for the sand. Perfect color match!

All put together, without decals or weathering.

Trying to get the hang of these dust enamel premixed products… not my usual cup of tea.

Baby’s got back.

The detail on these baskets was worth the entire process. Freaking gorgeous.


In 1/72 I find it hard to get dirt to look in-scale. This is the finest grain powder from VMS pigments… looks solid I think.

Really the plow is the highlight of the build



Dramatic. Compare this to older tanks… the turret is basically the same size as the hull!

Another idea of the scale:) Thanks for looking! Check out my instagram @scalemodeldoc

10 thoughts on “Tank model – Still Life with Pear, 1/72 M1A2 SEP with Mine Plow

    1. The kit is named– Flyhawk FH3301 1/72 Abrams M1A2 SEP w/Mine Clearing Blade System

      I got it off eBay, lots of sellers!

      If you want a finished model, that is a different story 😉

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