1.4 – National styles available for gold

In update 1.4 we received the ability to purchase a style kit for 700 gold for each nation. It’s the same kit that we get for purchasing the set for 100 000 credits for a 100 battles, with the difference being that this time it’s permanent. Polish tanks received new camo patterns.

11 thoughts on “1.4 – National styles available for gold

  1. lol if one piece of camo costs 50 gold without discount and most of the tanks have 3 areas to put those camos so 50goldx3=150 gold. If you buy them for summer, winter and desert, then it is 450 gold without discount so why would someone ever buy those kits?

    1. I heared rumors about some having unique inscriptions, but tbh that doesn’t make me wanna buy them either. Way too expensive.

  2. I would pay gold to remove WG paintjobs from some of my tanks.

    But ordinary camo became much too expensive since the 3 areas division. I use unhistorical camos on some tanks to get the camo bonus, even if unhistorical camos are at the off setting.

    Now 700 gold? 350 at 50% discount? #Ovepriced pixels.

  3. The Polish one has a spelling mistake, lmao.
    It’s should be “ŻĄDŁO” not “ŻADŁO”.

          1. sisanje = sucking
            šišanje = hair cutting

            It’s a common thing in my retarded country to see a sign saying “Musko Sisanje” which should stand for “Man haircut or barber”, but it really stands for: Male Sucking 🙂 🙂 🙂

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