Referral Program 1.0 Draws to a Close

Update (January 14): The World of Tanks Referral Program will soon be disabled, we wanted to give you more time to complete your progress. Our current Referral Program will now be closed on 5 February. Make the most of this extra time!


On January 15, 2019, version 1.0 of the World of Tanks Referral Program will come to an end in all regions. We are taking this opportunity to notify you in advance so we can successfully resolve all issues with the old program and process all remaining requests.

However, we are currently working on and developing a new referral program, which will be released in the future. All the details about the new program will be coming as soon as we have it, so stay tuned!

2 thoughts on “Referral Program 1.0 Draws to a Close

  1. My “recruit” blasted through her last 200k needed exp to get a amx 13 105 over Christmas. Was easy with boosters and the tree bonus. That and the millions of silver from the anniversary package paid for it.

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