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  1. I’m stupid, I know, but why those 3 digit combinations? Any particular reason, or just feng shui/kabbalah, simply superstitious reason?

    1. 911 is ofc the Twin Towers. And 666 is self-explanatory. Some have been Wehrmacht divisions, connected to war crimes, connected to tragic dates like 911 or 228 “someone said it was for the massacre in Taiwan”. Or connected to crimes against humanity. It’s basically WG covering their backs vs laws or potential harm in different server regions.

    1. Not really – 9/11 perhaps, but 911 is just the police/fire/medical emergency number.

  2. Which countries had Numbers on there Tanks? spontaneously I remember only the Germans in WW2

    1. every nation had numbers on their tanks since every single one has its own chassis number, it’s just that the Germans actually painted them really visible for everyone, some Soviets also painted numbers on the sides of their turrets (like the Germans) but I am not aware if they matched the chassis number or had any other origin (like postal code due to that program where villages/communities paid for a T-34 to be built)

    2. I always asumed those numbers where to help identify a particular tank in combat, after all, all tanks from the same model look the same.
      So. I tought tiger 131 was like first tiger from 4th platoon from 1 regiment or something along these lines.

      Stuff like this also helps to find the particular vehicle you need very fast and from far away. I see stuff like this everyday at my work, where company’s give numbers like these to there equipment.

  3. It is surprising that after their cut-off from Kongzhong they still dare not to touch the “glass heart” of Chinese players; figures representing the Tianenmen massacre (which happened on June 4th, also known in China as May 35th) are sensored.

  4. 420 is Hitler’s birthday that’s why, not drugs. All you pot heads celebrate his Every year.

  5. 666? Really? Like, would there actually be ANYONE complaining they saw a tank with 666 on it? There is a whole bunch of players with nicknames that include “lucifer”, “devil”, “demon”, “satan”, “hell”, “antichrist”, and so on. And they’re doing just fine, because no one sane would even bother trying to get them nick-banned.

    1. And then there’s World of Warships, which has a ship with hull number 666 that you can’t remove even if you wanted to…

    1. 000 – no idea
      014 – 14 words
      018 – AH, Adolf Hitler
      028 – no idea
      088 – HH, Heil Hitler
      148 – probably deemed as shortcut of 1488 (see above, 1488 is usual combination seen in nazi groups)
      198 – no idea
      228 – mentioned in other post as Russian slang for drugs
      420 – Adolf Hitler birthday
      488 – part of 1488 as mentioned
      666 – number of the beast (?)
      911 – 9/11 Twin towers
      119 – 9/11 Twin towers
      064 – no idea
      815 – no idea
      426 – no idea
      535 – May 35th, Chinese date for Tianenmen massacre (explained in other post, interesting that 355 is okay)

      1. 815 is either related to the surrender of the Great Japanese Empire marking the end of WWII, or one of the two Red Guard groups in Chongqing which was part of a bloody pocket civil war during Cultural Revolution, ’67.
        064 is either 8*8 (so same with 88) or the same as 535, the Tianenmen massacre.
        426, the same. On April 26th, ’89, there was an editorial from their high-up propaganda newspaper, the harbinger of what is to come on June 4th, or May 35th.
        228 is also related to China…another China, the Nationalist one; long story short, the Nationalist version of Tianenmen.

      2. Also realized 000 is probably not allowed for practical reasons – tanks were numbered from one up, so 000 makes no sense in this context.

        1. 000 would have been cool on tanks likes Maus or Objekt 277 or every other Prototype

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