WoT – Global Map : Soldiers of Fortune

22 thoughts on “WoT – Global Map : Soldiers of Fortune

  1. One more event for less than 1% of active players… What is the point of giving those special, borderline OP tanks to the best players? To make them even stronger? Purple/blue players in random game with “ordinary” tank can wreck havoc, but if you give them even better tank, they are almost unstoppable… Few days ago I was in a game with purple player in 252, he finished the game with 11 kills and 50%+ HP to spare…

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    1. 10k tanks is roufly for 8 – 10% of server population . If you dont play clan wars and dont like clan wars because ur incapable to understand high level gameplay and endgame content stop complaining and waith for next free tier 5 tank from wargaming.


      1. What’s with the personal attack here? He has an opinion just like everyone. His argument is a valid one, CW, or rather, all reward/premium tanks should be on par with what’s on the tech tree (at least that’s what I think, otherwise it just exaggerates the advantage). Now endgame content I can understand, they have to reward the commited players, but “””high level gameplay”””? That’s laughable on this game. Actual tactics on very few maps, but what happens everytime is that everyone uses the meta OP tanks and spams premium ammo to try to guarantee penetrations. Hardly any “high level gameplay” there.

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        1. Cw is endgame of world of tanks. Rewarding cw activity with something else than gold and credits, a reward tank si something u keep your playerbase happy .

          high level gameplay is directly corelated to meta tanks wich happens to be most powerfull vehicles in game. Spamming gold is already part of game for some years already. Also playing op heroes or tanks or whatever is part of endgame contect on every mmo out there. go ask overwatch players or lol or whatever.

          Tactics. Well i guess ur not realy part of a top 10 % clans, and ur knowledge falls short to spamming gold. I recomend u watch streamers who play advances to understand more wich to me looks like rock paper scizors, but whatever.


          1. Gold that you can buy with real money and exclusive camos are rewards enough for me. I think that you need a balanced game to keep a playerbase happy instead of some reward tank to stomp on others. To each their own I guess. Using the most OP tanks and spamming gold is considered “high level” for you? I’m fine with that, I never said anything about you yet you attack me, why? No arguments perhaps. Whatever, I don’t mind your assumptions one bit. As for telling me to watch streams, what? Waste of time, IMO. I watched the clan cup a while ago, so literally the best clans of this server and that was my conclusion, you are free to attack it all you want.


        2. Most CW tanks are worse than regular Tech Tree tanks with the benefit of crew training. 907 is the famous tank because it’s a solid obj140 tank that looks cool and has slightly worse internal module hp… But it’s not like a 140 cannot compete with it… M60 is a paper M48, VK72 is an E100 with worse gun handling and body from the VK72 – hardly unbeatable but different in an interesting way.


    2. Not just a small amount of players, but also many cancerous players who get the chance to club newbies out of the game. WG is working hard to keep those unicorns in game so they can destroy game more.

      IMAO bonds, OP tanks, special equipment, directives – all this should go to noobs, make gameplay easy until they get to reasonable number of battles and winrate, then all just disappears. Unicorns, even if they all quit now, are not an asset, but a liability.


    1. Disagree, CW reward tanks should remain as they are, CW rewards. They just have to be balanced to be just right and not better. Solo players can get a lot of tanks for free via marathons, challenges and missions. Alas, the bond shop might make you happy, depending on what’s on the menu.

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      1. What about this idea: you can get special tank only in CW, BUT you can only use them in CW… Alongside with bonds, orders, special equipment and other novelties introduced in a game in last 2 years… Don’t get me wrong, I have played more than 30k games, including at least 1000 in CW and I agree that CW is end game content for those who want more than (mostly) mindless run’n’gun in random game, BUT when a platoon of purple demi-gods (or sometimes only one super-ninja-wizzard ) unicorn in special OP tank enter random game, they ruin fun for at least 20 people from both teams…


        1. For me closest analogy is like when kids play football in park, and Ronaldo/Messi/… joins one of the teams to play “just for fun”and starts to play “full throttle”… Result of that match will be obvious, with many kids from loosing team crying…


          1. that hyperPlayer can also get a fuckin 430U, Bobj or Defender / is3A and guess what will happen??
            again…not CW edidion tank are the problem….WG imbecile balance is !


        2. so what that basically means..
          i think we all can agree that problem is NOT to have some special, unique or limited edition tanks. Problem here is fuckin powercreep and lack of balance !

          sorry…but this phenomen is present on ALL categories not only on CW tanks…


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